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Comment: Don't feed the trolls? (Score 1) 962

by Zakabog (#47511783) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

I actually thought this was going to be some real world experiences, and not "Someone on the internet called me a cunt!", "Someone on the internet said they'd rape me!"

If you make your unpopular opinion known to the world online, expect people who disagree to come out and attack you. Expect more people to come out when they know you'll make a big stink about it. The main thing they're looking for is a reaction, that's just how the internet works, people can hind behind their computers and make all the threats they want and some people find joy in getting these responses from people. I was really looking forward to an article describing real world instances where people made these comments and threats. Not that I want to see that happen, but at least that's something that can be corrected when brought to light, the only way to stop trolls is to stop feeding them.

Comment: Re:yeah. (Score 5, Insightful) 417

by Zakabog (#46439023) Attached to: School Tricks Pupils Into Installing a Root CA

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

I've worked with a lot of IT people and sometimes they're just not competent enough to realize what's happening on their network. This sounds like a long time ago someone was sold on the idea that a firewall that scans all network traffic for malware would be a very good thing, and part of the requirements for that would be installing the root CA so the HTTPS traffic can be decrypted and scanned for malware. The staff the submitter dealt with likely never knew this was happening at all, then after the conversation the IT staff might have poked around in their firewall and found some checkbox that said "Scan all HTTPS traffic" and unchecked it. They might not know enough to help everyone remove the root CA.

Comment: Re:Cause and effect may be backwards (Score 5, Informative) 382

by Zakabog (#45927601) Attached to: Daily Pot Use Tied To Age of First Psychotic Episode

From the article -

But the evidence has been unclear. For example, one recent study from the Netherlands found it's equally possible that people prone to psychosis may be more likely to smoke pot, possibly as a way of "self-medicating" (see Reuters Health article of December 25, 2012, here:

Comment: Re:DROP IT! DROP IT NOW! {Bang!} {Bang!} (Score 0) 68

by Zakabog (#45759903) Attached to: Throwable 36-Camera Ball Nearly Ready To Toss

It's New York, NY not NYC, NY. NYC is all five boroughs where New York, NY is specifically Manhattan.

Anyway, considering all of the weird shit the NYPD has to deal with on a daily basis I really don't see this being a problem. Two guys throwing a plastic ball around Times Square would be nothing, especially since the device seems to be targeted at hipsters and computer geeks. Plus, no one in NYC gets shot for being mistaken as a suicide bomber, it's only when you're mistaken for having a gun and that's not something that happens in Times Square.

Comment: Little hint please? (Score 5, Informative) 174

by Zakabog (#45603479) Attached to: Two Million Passwords Compromised By Keylogger Virus

I'm looking for more technical information on this virus. Is there a collection of different key logging software all sending the passwords to the same proxy server? How does someone get infected by this virus? How about the IP addresses of the proxy servers so people can at least look for traffic from their firewalls?

This article seems kind of useless other than to scare people into purchasing some protection, which conveniently the company writing the article sells!

Comment: IP telephony sucks (Score 4, Interesting) 582

by Zakabog (#45561077) Attached to: The Dismantling of POTS: Bold Move Or Grave Error?

As someone who builds and installs large phone systems for a living, I cringe whenever a customer tells me "Yeah we've got a T1, coming in over Time Warner."

A traditional copper PRI from Verizon is the ideal service I like most of my customers to have, I never get anywhere near the same level complaints of call quality issues or service outages for a traditional PRI that I get for any PRI coming in over the internet. Well, except after hurricane Sandy, after that storm we had a number of customers switch over to an IP based PRI or a pure SIP solution. It made sense since it took Verizon months to fix their wiring, but a lot of these customers that switched wanted to immediately switch back as soon as Verizon was available again since the quality was so god awful.

I have no problem with Verizon using fiber and IP based telephony in the back end since I they're not going to be able to maintain their legacy equipment forever. But, don't send everything down the same pipe and just install a $200 Adtran on-site and expect it to be anywhere near as reliable. Especially since a lot of the support engineers for these carriers have no idea how to do anything with an IAD. I've had support engineers tell me I need to send a SIP redirect to forward calls out with the proper caller ID, well sure I'd love to except I'm being handed a PRI and the SIP side of things is all them.

Anyway, for customers that have rock solid internet and a separate dedicated pipe for a SIP trunk, I have no problem going native SIP all the way to our equipment. My problem is when someone out in the boonies thinks they'll save a ton of money switching to VoIP service from their cable provider. Instead it just means dozens of billable hours trying to explain to this customer that while their internet service is excellent for checking Facebook, good voice quality requires a solid internet connection with little to no packet loss and very low latency and nothing we can do to their PBX will change that. Although as one coworker pointed out, as the number of people who grew up using cell phones all their life increases, the less complaints we will receive. People who are used to POTS lines are going to be used to picking up a phone and having excellent call quality, people who grew up with cell phones are much more accustomed to jitter, echo, and poor call quality so I'm sure they'll be fine in a pure IP telephony world.

Comment: Re:That room on the 6th floor of the Book Deposito (Score 0) 381

by Zakabog (#45534507) Attached to: Intelligence Officials Fear Snowden's 'Doomsday' Cache

But if I *WERE THE LONE KILLER IN THAT ROOM* and if I *WERE DOING THAT*, I would not be able to know WHEN JFK's MOTORCADE WOULD ARRIVE, as there is no way I could see the LEFT HAND SIDE of the windows when I crouched and lean against the left side of the window holding my weapon aiming towards Dealey Plaza at my extreme right side.

The motorcade would come into view slowly, it's a motorcade, not a formula 1 race through Dealey Plaza... Plus, you KNOW where the car is going, point the gun where it will be and wait. Once it comes into view, take a second to line up the shot (you've got decent time since the car is moving very slowly in a straight line away from you) and fire off a few rounds, only takes one to kill him anyway. Or don't sit in position, wait and watch out the other side of the window till the motorcade comes into view, watch what's in front of the motorcade (the police bikes) and remember "When i see the police bikes, the car will be right behind them." It's really not difficult at all, sitting and waiting, pointing a gun exactly where you know your target will be going and shooting the target when it shows up.

Following your logic, skeet shooting is impossible if you're looking out a window in only one direction even though that's exactly where the clay pigeons are going...

Comment: Re:We'll get there gradually, but we'll get there. (Score 1) 472

by Zakabog (#45045565) Attached to: How long before most automobile driving is done by computers?

But sideways mounted wheels have absolutely no potential to advance cars towards driving autonomously. It's more of a cheap gimmick than anything. A car that can parallel park itself is an advancement because the car needs to be aware of the environment. Plus most major advancements that are now seen as standard equipment on most cars, started off with the luxury brands. It's a lot easier to sell that stuff and perfect it on cars for the people that always want the latest and greatest.

Comment: Humorous, hidden and a cultural reference (Score 1) 458

by Zakabog (#44649823) Attached to: My SSID Is...

My SSIDs are IThinkIHaveAGenitalWartKhaleesi for my "public" VLAN (only has access to the internet, can't access other devices on the same network, can't access the router, etc.) and BobDolesHouseOfPain for my own personal devices, I can access the router admin page from that interface as well as my desktop and server.

I've thought about setting up an unsecured honeypot called "I read your e-mail" and then redirecting all of the traffic to a splash page that runs a script to tick a counter on my server and log the traffic. Living in NYC I always wanted to know how many people are in range of my wireless networks and how many people just jump onto the first open network they see.

Comment: Re:Circular Tube Map (Score 4, Insightful) 124

by Zakabog (#44405795) Attached to: A Circular New York City Subway Map To Straighten Things Out

The subway map is roughly geographically correct while not being all squished together. It's easy to see what stops you need to get off when you need to transfer and also it works as a real map for most tourists since a lot of attactions are displayed on the map (Rockefeller Center, Natural History Museum, Central Park, etc.) As a native New Yorker that uses a subway map almost daily, this circular design doesn't seem to add any benefit.

Comment: Re:Seems legit. . . (Score 1) 121

by Zakabog (#43809293) Attached to: Meet the 23-Ton X-Wing, the World's Largest Lego Model

I work near Penn Station and it's pretty terrible but not nearly as bad asTimes Square. The obnoxious lights, the swarms of tourists, the constant noise. I know a few people who work overlooking Times Square and while it's a nice place to visit, you wouldn't want to deal with that every day. Plus to top it all off, everything around there is a tourist trap. There's practically no good food around (it's almost all chains since not many small places can afford the rent) and all of the prices are ridiculously jacked up. The best offices I've seen are around Chelsea and the West Village, and any place that overlooks the park.

Comment: Can't you just detect the RF? (Score 1) 159

Don't drones blast RF on known frequencies? Unless they're flying with auto pilot and just collecting data, but that would be dangerous in an urban environment with lot's of air traffic. How much would it cost to build something with an antenna that's just listening for broadcasts on these frequencies? You could even measure the doppler shift to see if they're coming or going, and at what speed. Listening for audible noise just seems useless anywhere outside of a big empty desert with a large directional microphone.

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