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amagdic writes: Tvinx represents a new breed in the News Industry: a Network for production, distribution and reading the news generated by the users from all over the world. Every person with a computer, mobile phone or other device connected to the Internet becomes a reporter who informs the world about the events in their suburb, city, country or continent — anybody can inform the World about the events believed to be important to other members of the society.
Members-reporters release news according to the two criteria: geolocation and type of news. Registered members assess the credibility of the reporter who releases the news. By assessing reporters they collectively create the quality and credibility of the news they want to read.
Users can follow news generated by reporters they like, or ignore totally news entries written by reporters which they think are not credible enough. They can even ignore all news from reporters which any user has set to 'ignore'. This will act as natural user-generated filter, where readers collectively influence quality of news they want to read.
Best assessed reporters will have the possibility to share the profit from the marketing – display 'BrandAd' adverts will appear under the news of such reporters.

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Comment Re:Asterisk - Voicemail Quality Problems? (Score 1) 91

I've built and configured asterisk numerous times. My production server attempt was a dual AMD 64 Opteron but I am having VoicemailMain quality problems. Have you, or anyone else here, who have installed asterisk numerous times, run into anything like this? I can't be the only one. See my email at asterisk forums for more detail. Any insight is appreciated.

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