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Journal Journal: Ghost: a new blogging platform

A new blogging platform is released. I hope Ghost will replace Wordpress in blogging.

You should read Ghost launches to the public post.

Today we are very proud to announce the first public release of the Ghost blogging platform to the public.

Following three weeks of intense testing after launching to our 6,000 Kickstarter backers, today we are releasing an updated Ghost 0.3.2 to everyone in the world.

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Journal Journal: LEGO Curiosity model

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, which for almost a year has been driving across the Red Planet, will be the next model to roll off LEGO's CUUSOO production line, the toy company announced on June 14. The Denmark-based LEGO Group chose a fan-built model of the car-size rover to be the next release in its CUUSOO line of building brick toys.

- from Mash

Comment Mike's talk (Score 2, Interesting) 115

Mike Cassidy, head of the project, said:

"There are many terrestrial challenges to internet connectivity – jungles, archipelagos, mountains. There are also major cost challenges. Right now, for example, in most of the countries in the southern hemisphere, the cost of an internet connection is more than a month's income."

- Guardian

Comment Re:Hmm, maybe (Score 0) 307

To be fair, once Google gets their cars that drive themselves, glasses that give me information at all times, and provide TV/phone services through a high speed fiber connection for cheaper than anyone else, I'm ok if they take a break for a bit and coast, just improving what they've already done. THEN they can start on the jetpacks, holograms, and teleportation.

I want to fly with one of that jetpacks, and teleport every 5 secs. Oh, that Google.

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