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Comment Re:Because of the endless whiners (Score 1) 150

The compatibility of this emulator must be quite bad, given the fact they must be using all sorts of speedhacks and multithreaded insanity that leads to innacuate timing to make the quite weak jaguar cores handle emulation in realtime and probably the emulator must require per game tweaking as happens with the nintendo 64 emulation on the Wii virtual console.

Comment Re:Gaming on a phone is painful (Score 1) 166

Most games live off a very small minority of people that drops a *LOT* of cash in games due some sort of compulsion, the so called "whales", while the rest just use the free features.
So its not exactly "the world" here.

And probably the whales also tend to buy more expensive, luxury devices like the Apple ones, which would explain the disparity.

Comment Re:give up on the hardware (Score 1) 77

When the mobiles grow an analog stick and some buttons maybe.
Until then,nintendo games are absolutely unplayable on mobiles for the most part, given how horribly imprecise the touchscreen is for fast paced action games due the lack of tactic feedback that tells you when the buttons/stick/dpad is actually being pressed/pressed on the right direction.

Comment Re:Clear as mud, and what about signing? (Score 1) 318

The term SJW describe any person of low morale that spends his days on twitter and other media trying to "outprogressive" the hell out of his peers by complaining about issues and even inventing new issues out of thin air, and its not exactly automatically a project saboteur.

Probably "clique"/ mostly san francisco clique describes it better, as then you're talking about that specific mass of very corrupt hipsters that use their money and influence to infiltrate into projects and grab more power by imposing their rules,removing opposition with em etc..

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