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Comment Re:It always amaze me... (Score 1) 168

Bad movies bombing on the box offices are a regular thing.
But some people just don't learn and deflect blame, or have reasons to not care etc..
For example, in the case of the FF movies in general, the intention of the studio is not to actually sell tickets but keep the rights to the fantastic four, so they just try to make it "believable" enough to not get caught on a lawsuit.

Comment Re:because Gamers are really Graphics Snobs (Score 1) 57

Actually, there is quite a lot of difference on the gameplay on games of 2000 and 2015.
Now you don't do anything but gun down people with the rest replaced by cutscenes or QTEs, you can't get lost on the maps anymore due the invisible walls turning em into straight lines, you can heal yourself by just hiding on a spot for long enough, weapons are generally pretty much the same gun with different firing ratios and damage and generally they "auto aim" to make it easier for analog sticks and the game waste a great deal of time with cutscenes in general.
Also the terrible tutorial levels that treat the player like someone with a serious mental handicap.

Comment Re:Can my car have a sense of humour too? (Score 1) 112

There won't be a robot wars because they will listen.
Instead we will just manufacture a robotic version of Kyubey from Madoka Magica that will take over the world by manipulating our primitive emotion driven brains like puppets.
He will not need to fire a single bullet, but just say the right words.

Comment Scripting rather than programming (Score 1) 365

Learning to program something that is C like takes quite a while and its not very useful for most people.
For the general public, should be offered an a bit powerful but real easy to understand scripting system that allows em to do things that are actually useful for the general public, like setting up a simple tree that warns him on the SMS or skype when a download finished on a machine by basically dragging two blocks and connecting em, or allowing him to sync every audio device with the same playlist etc.
Also such simple programming script thing should be integrated to the OS and offered as a standard.

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