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Comment Scripting rather than programming (Score 1) 297 297

Learning to program something that is C like takes quite a while and its not very useful for most people.
For the general public, should be offered an a bit powerful but real easy to understand scripting system that allows em to do things that are actually useful for the general public, like setting up a simple tree that warns him on the SMS or skype when a download finished on a machine by basically dragging two blocks and connecting em, or allowing him to sync every audio device with the same playlist etc.
Also such simple programming script thing should be integrated to the OS and offered as a standard.

Comment Re:OAPI is a Scam (Score 2) 202 202

It's still a case of abuse of the system that can became very frequent if this becomes mandatory.
Even if was a case of "false flagging", the mandatory real id will basically give a blanket excuse for all the people using those techniques as well.

So, no matter on the side of the discussion you are, its still a bad thing for you.

Comment Re:Time quantum of a simulated dynamic system (Score 1) 223 223

In case of non-emulated games you can use more advanced techniques like dead reckoning to accurately interpolate the position of the objects and not only deal with the physics running at a high frame rate while screen is running slow as dealing with slow physics with fast frame rate as well.
Most multiplayer games uses this technique to deal with the relatively slow packet rate.

Comment Re:What's the refresh rate and response time? (Score 1) 79 79

The most problematic part of the low frame rate VR can be mitigated/fixed by using a technique Carmack came up with called time warping:
It uses the Z-buffer data and a 3D half sphere to make the 3D headtracking always have the full frame rate your VR equipment can provide, even if the rendering itself runs slowly.

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