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Comment Re:Embrace - Enhance - Extinguish (Score 0) 55

This time they're most likely being pressured by youtube and the demise of flash to support it, so will be more a case of "supporting the next jpeg" than embrace/extend/extinguish.
Of course, they still can put support to embedding it into word documents just the right way it breaks on open office etc.., so not a complete loss for the evil side.

Comment Re:It always amaze me... (Score 1) 168

Bad movies bombing on the box offices are a regular thing.
But some people just don't learn and deflect blame, or have reasons to not care etc..
For example, in the case of the FF movies in general, the intention of the studio is not to actually sell tickets but keep the rights to the fantastic four, so they just try to make it "believable" enough to not get caught on a lawsuit.

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