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Comment Re:Feminists Destroy Companies (Score 4, Insightful) 513

SJWs are just the icing on the cake of this mess.
You have to remember that Win10 (and specially cortana) is actually actively spying on your every move and giving your shit to microsoft to sell to whatever pay first, and microsoft is pretty much trying to force this spyware on you with their every strength, even downloading the OS behind your back via updates and going to a point where they're actually making both intel and AMD make CPUs that only work with win10.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 337

The Ghz race is pretty much dead unless we invent better transistors.
But there are other ways to raise the speed, like well actually adding more pipelines to the CPU and making it run more instructions per cycle, but this is not as "efficient" as adding more cores.
I did read somewhere that every extra instruction per cycle per core doubles the core size, while adding an extra core double the performance (if people can use it).

There also other paths, like decreasing the pipeline size, which make the CPU take less time to recover from stalls, but the smaller the pipeline, less clock you can put on the chip before the transistors actual speed limit come in and crash the party.

You can also try the VLIW thing again, that allows you to create those "superinstructions that do several things at once" and increase the chip size a lot less than actual extra pipelines, but then its not x86 compatible, and its very, VERY hard to create a compiler that use it well.

Finally, there is the golden goose of getting several cores to act like a single, more powerful core, but that's a nutjob dream i think.

Comment Re:Here we go. (Score 1) 432

SJWs are mostly a "progressive e-penis contest" that spiraled into insanity.
Goes like "i'm complaining on twitter that people should not offend black people!", "oh yeah? i'm complaning on twitter that people should not offend black transsexual people!", "yeah? you two are small fishes, i'm complaning about all the microagressions against black transsexual disabled indian women that happens on campus!" and so forth.

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