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Comment: Really? (Score 1) 662

by YuppieScum (#49350143) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear
Consider the source:

A UK tabloid (which is in direct competition with a tabloid that Clarkson writes for) is quoting one of its ex-editors (who was involved in stock market pump/dump shenanigans and phone hacking) who has an on-going feud with Clarkson (over invasion-of-privacy by Morgan's tabloid, at his direct orders) which resulted in Clarkson punching him (to general applause).

Morgan, having been sacked from his gigs in the UK, moved to the USA and been sacked there, is now trying to rehabilitate himself back in the UK by sitting in for a breakfast TV host next month.

I wouldn't trust this man to tell me the time...

Comment: Re:Wrong (Score 2) 85

by YuppieScum (#49150109) Attached to: VLC Gets First Major Cross-Platform Release
Call me old-fashioned, but I'd expect the creator of the software to be able to update their website to reflect a new version before, or at the same time as, pushing out a press-release... not after.

Oh, and the Play store says it's not even supported on my Nexus 7 running 5.02, so I've now lost any confidence I had in them.

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