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Comment Re:Crash and burn (Score 1) 242

i have said this before when this terribly stupid reasoning comes up: what the hell am i going to do when the plane starts doing cartwheels on takeoff? paying attention is not going to help me survive.

i would much rather be listening to headphones in a crash though, rather than the screams of people burning to death in an aluminum tube.

Comment Re:Whose trust is being violated here? (Score 1) 847

Interesting response, but you might want to do some more research on the rules of conflict or provide a citation if I am wrong here. What I found was that there is an explicit ban on attacking a wounded combatant that is 'out of the fight' and there also is a prohibition on punishment or reprisals upon civilians for rendering medical aide to the wounded. I do not think that rendering medical aid to a combatant makes a civilian a combatant in any way, from anything that i read in the law of armed conflict. I believe that the #3 from your list is geared towards giving military aid to a combatant. I also think that both points I raised make the second attack an illegal use of force.

In general I find your comment to be troubling in its lack of empathy. A reporter misidentified as being an armed combatant, because of the failure to distinguish a telephoto lens from a gun, and was killed. The pilot watched him crawling, dying, and was verbally hoping for a chance to shoot again. A family was then fired upon for rendering aide and comfort to the dying journalist. This kind of indiscriminate killing is happening in someone's neighborhood, and to a civilian on the ground we would not appear to be in the right.

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