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Comment: Re:Masses reaction (Score 1) 202

by YoshiDan (#36006502) Attached to: OS X Crimeware Kit Emerges

>old api Carbon, is gone now only Cocoa remains.

Since when? Apple dropped their plans to update carbon to 64 bit and they are no longer adding new features to the API but it still exists and they still release patches for it. If they dropped carbon completely there would be a lot of major applications that would not run. Adobe Fireworks and MS Office come to mind as applications I use frequently which are still largely carbon.

Comment: Re:Masses reaction (Score 1) 202

by YoshiDan (#36006436) Attached to: OS X Crimeware Kit Emerges
And how does the malware running only with the user's permissions make anything better? So it can't mess with the rest of the system. Big deal. The user's home directory is where the user will store all their important personal documents and what have you, which will still be accessible by malware. These things being destroyed are what matter most to the user, not whether their OS gets hosed or not.

Comment: Re:Netbeans is a Superb PHP IDE (Score 1) 137

by YoshiDan (#35889000) Attached to: NetBeans 7.0 Is Now Available
I've been using Komodo Edit for over a year and I love it. But seeing all these comments about netbeans I decided to give it a spin and I have to say I like it. I like it a lot. Feels a little slower than Komodo Edit but I can definitely put up with that for all the extra features it has. I know Komodo IDE has most of these features but that costs money. My employer doesn't like spending money, especially since they spent a whole load of $$$ upgrading my Adobe shit to cs5 last year...

Comment: Re:Or maybe they just aren't selling as well (Score 1) 118

by YoshiDan (#35742484) Attached to: Dearth of New Nintendo Games Could Indicate Wii 2
I played my wii heaps when I got it. Now I barely touch it. The reason for this isn't because of what you said, but because I've already own just about every Mario series game on the wii and I've finished them all. I want Nintendo to release more. There aren't enough Mario related games for the wii and that makes me sad.

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