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Amazon Kindle Endorsed By Oprah 197

Posted by kdawson
from the you-could-pay-to-read-slashdot dept.
Oprah Winfrey enthused about the Amazon Kindle on her show today — it's her "new favorite thing" — and had Jeff Bezos on to announce a $50-off offer good till Nov. 1. A plug on Oprah is ordinarily a sign that a product has crossed over into the mainstream. But her show's audience has been slipping lately, and it's unclear how many cash-strapped citizens will be willing to part with $309 (after the special offer) for a new techno-gadget, for which they then have to shell out more money for DRM-encrusted content.

+ - Software Assistance for the Blind

Submitted by Yort
Yort (555166) writes "This last weekend, I met a woman who was blind. She had just moved to the area, and wanted to get a job, but her computer (Win95/98) and assistance software (JAWS 3.x) were too old to be used nowadays with the sort of out-of-home work she would be looking for. The new version of JAWS is over $1000, and would require a new computer. Are there any alternatives, open source or otherwise, that would allow her to get up and running for several hundred dollars instead of several thousand?"

Comment: Re:Moneydance rocks my stocks (Score 2, Insightful) 142

by Yort (#16772997) Attached to: Managing Money With Linux Apps
This is true if you are on Windows. If you are not on Windows, or are someone (like me) for whom your OS is not always consistent, then Quicken/Money are not really options (if you can figure out how to run Quicken/Money on Linux/Mac, then you can figure out GnuCash). Moneydance is more for Mac users as well as casual Linux users - for example, there are some people for whom I am able to either replace or put together a small, cheap Linux machine that they can surf the web and read email from, and that's all they need... but sometimes they want to be able to write a document (OpenOffice/Abiword) or track their finances (Moneydance). For Mac users, I've heard that Quicken for Mac is horrible, in which case Moneydance would be the clear winner.

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