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+ - Pioneer Ending TV Production, Leaving Vacuum->

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truthsearch writes: "Japan's Nikkei is reporting that Pioneer, facing a consolidated loss of 100 billion yen ($1.08 billion U.S.), will end TV development and production entirely. With the loss of the industry leader in plasma technology, it's an open question of who will fill the void. They could sell their latest Kuro technology, giving a competitor new leverage, or spin off a new company. Or is this the end of plasma entirely?"
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+ - Dell Computer Settlement

Submitted by nandemoari
nandemoari writes: I have had two very nasty experiences with the Dell Company. In the first case, every part had to be replaced in my brand new computer. The second time, the same thing occurred and Dell replaced my computer but refused to give me a computer with the same operating system as the one I had originally purchased. A friend of mine purchased a computer from Dell and was promised that her computer would be shipped with the software to downgrade to Windows XP from Windows Vista, but only if she purchased the most expensive version of Windows Vista in the first place. Once the computer arrived, no such software was enclosed and when Dell was contacted they denied telling us we would receive the software to downgrade. In the time since, Dell has seen the error of its ways. They will be paying $3.35 billion to 46 U.S. states as a result of a settlement agreement following allegations that they used deceptive practices to sell its products. The State's Attorney General had started investigating after receiving a very large number of complaints. Customers are eligible for restitution if they purchased a Dell product between April 1, 2005 and April 13, 2009 and have a complaint covered by the above agreement.

+ - MS to offer FREE Windows 7 upgrade to Vista users!-> 1

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crazyeyes writes: "With Windows 7 set for release in Dec. 09 , Microsoft is getting ready with their free upgrade program, which allows Vista and XP users to switch to Windows 7 when it arrives. The folks at TechARP have consistently scored accurate scoops on Microsoft software releases. They have now revealed Microsoft's upgrade plans, schedules and even screenshots of the upgrade process ."
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