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Comment: Might be worth cost over RPi (Score 1) 92

by bsharitt (#46630363) Attached to: Intel Upgrades MinnowBoard: Baytrail CPU, Nearly Halves Price To $99

I've been really impressed with my Baytrail powered Windows tablet, and this might not be a bad option to turn an old monitor into an all in one PC(it looks like Windows 8 is doable as well as Linux in general) for most tasks that aren't too intensive like gaming. Though if my tablet is any indication, the dual core version with 2GB of RAM should be able to hand Civ V to an extent.

Comment: Option to turn it off (Score 1) 73

by bsharitt (#45710729) Attached to: Owncloud 6 Brings Collaborative Open Document Format Editing to the Web

I've been waiting for ODT editing to come to ownCloud for a while now so I could drop my last Google usage outside of search. I just wish there was a way to use it while turning off the collaborative stuff. Things seem to go wonky when you don't close a document properly sometimes.

Comment: Then vs. now (Score 1) 6

by The Fun Guy (#45390287) Attached to: Moscow

I visited Moscow in 1985, at the height of the cold war. It was Reagan vs. (I think) Andropov, the USSR was the Evil Empire, and Moscow was the sluggish heart of a gray, shopworn police state.

Today, the BRIC nations are still the big economic wave, even post-2008. A friend went to Russia a few years ago on an adoption trip. From his pictures, Moscow was a brightly painted, active city. At least in the parts tourists went, the brass was polished, the streets were clean and the streetlights all worked.

Strange how the world changes.

Comment: Re:Sweet (Score 1) 8

by The Fun Guy (#44434539) Attached to: Going to Prague

After how I crashed mid-day in Bucharest AND made you miss your train, I was afraid to ask!

Yeah, this will be a romantic getaway for us. It's the first trip we've taken without kids in... in... actually, I can't remember the last one. Austin, TX for a wedding, maybe? 8 years ago?

If they keep inviting me over, I'll keep bouncing around all the European cities I never thought I'd get a chance to see. Who knows... maybe Budapest will be one of them! 8-)

User Journal

Journal: Going to Prague 8

Journal by The Fun Guy

After a talk I gave in Bucharest last year, my name has apparently gotten on somebody's list of "speakers worth paying for". This fall I'll be going to Prague, invited by the same parent organization as last year. Unlike the trip to Bucharest, where I was traveling alone, I've managed to convince my wife to come along on this trip. Expensive, but it's a great time of life to do it, and when's the next time she's going to see Prague?


Security Firm Mandiant Says China's Army Runs Hacking Group APT1 137

Posted by timothy
from the could-just-be-a-side-gig dept.
judgecorp writes "The Chinese government has been accused of backing the APT1 hacking group, which appears to be part of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), according to the security firm which worked with the New York Times when it fell victim to an attack. The firm, Mandiant, says that APT1 is government sponsored, and seems to operate from the same location as PLA Unit 61398." Unsurprisingly, this claim is denied by Chinese officials. You can read the report itself online (PDF), or skim the highlights.

Comment: A little better (Score 3, Interesting) 384

by bsharitt (#42809713) Attached to: Experience the New Slashdot Mobile Site

The old mobile site wasn't really mobile, so I guess anything is better, though it's a pretty slow and heavy site it seems. It looks to be working in Firefox for Android now, that's an improvement over the last time I used the beta.

So how long until /. wraps up the new mobile site in an app wrapper and advertises a "mobile app" for iPhone and Android like seemingly every other website out there?

Comment: Juvenile sci-fi (Score 1) 4

by The Fun Guy (#42760291) Attached to: entertainment

How's this:

The nefarious Professor Verbosity threatens Lexicon City with a mysterious new superweapon and only the Grammarian can stop him just as soon as he hires a decent sidekick. Mix in the interference of the Avant Guardian (a goofy superhero wanna-be), a mysterious stranger who strikes from the shadows, and a beautiful, brainy college professor with a thing for superhero technology, and the Grammarian has his work cut out for him.

VERBOSITY’S VENGEANCE: A GRAMMARIAN ADVENTURE NOVEL is a fast-paced, superhero science fiction story. This book is a complete, polished novel of approximately 113,000 words, intended for readers 14 to adult. The Grammarian’s superpowers derive from a combination of high-tech gadgetry and exceptional verbal ability; superhero fight scenes and an action-filled plot are balanced with clever wordplay, language-based abilities, and word nerd humor.

No spaceships, but it IS sci-fi. One of my beta readers is field-testing it by reading it with her 10 year old son, who LOVES it.

Sadly, since the book is already written and being shopped around to various publishers, I can't give you a cut for coming up with the idea. I'd be happy to send you a review copy, though. 8-)

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