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Comment: This is part of their job (Score 1) 238

by Yew2 (#47068015) Attached to: Google Fiber: No Charge For Peering, No Fast Lanes
Hats off to google - but not really. This is what they do. This is what I have come to expect from every other ISP until this nonsense with Netflix paying that ridiculous ransom. These big old companies have been laughing all the way to the bank having sold all these speed tiers and now that we are more fully utilizing the service - and at the expense of their other business divisions - its become a tool of extortion. Instead of optimizing their traffic flows (for the benefit of all) they are holding this simple engineering work as a hostage. Regional interconnects used to just do this with a service request.

Comment: Re:This is why we can't have nice tihngs... (Score 1) 228

by Yew2 (#46451861) Attached to: Hackers Allege Mt. Gox Still Controls "Stolen" Bitcoins
yea, bankers never again stopped giving loans to snatch up cheap real estate anymore....cmon all due respect, youll need to do a lot more to convince me bankers (and their counterparts in industry and government) have any less control over the proverbial faucet. Scarcity of access to our currency can be engineered in so many more ways in a debt backed system - you listed most of them - than ever before. I dont think its simply about the currency anymore. ftr, i never liked the idea of bitcoin either

+ - LGBT Activist Arrested Under Russian Anti-Gay Propaganda Law in Sochi

Submitted by Yew2
Yew2 (1560829) writes "Various media outlets are reporting that Vladimir Luxuria, Italy's first out transgendered elected official, has been arrested in Sochi. According to the McClatchy Washington Bureau, Vladimir Luxuria was allegedly arrested after holding a rainbow colored banner that said 'Gay is OK' in Russian. Luxuria took a photo, holding the banner, outside of Olympics' Medal Park. She put the picture on Twitter."

Comment: Big Bad Snowden (Score 1) 504

by Yew2 (#45703053) Attached to: CBS 60 Minutes: NSA Speaks Out On Snowden, Spying
Test and answers to get hired? They are saying he didnt pass on his own (rather, hacked their systems before he got hired in order to get hired) or went from zero to evil the second he was given access and just went all grabby? Or are they saying he planned to open a "work for the nsa now, ask me how" website?

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