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Comment: it's not a case (Score 1) 653

by YesIAmAScript (#46526135) Attached to: $30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

Well, it's not a case over the case. It's just the back and outside of the case is yellow.

This is what Fluke switched to in about 2000 and what this is emulating.

The case is supposed to look like a black case in a yellow case because that's what older Flukes did, they had a black plastic case in a yellow rubber case.

But that just made meters more bulky and made it harder to access the battery compartments. So Fluke dropped that a long time ago and the clones did too.

Also, the destruction is mandatory in this case, it's part of the punishment for the transgression.

Comment: small business? (Score 2) 653

by YesIAmAScript (#46526003) Attached to: $30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

If your small business can't keep track of enough stuff to keep from infringing IP, then buy from suppliers who will indemnify you for IP infringement. Or just buy from reputable retailers.

You decided to get some sketchy Chinese meters from a company skirting the law to try to save some money or raise margins. And now it bit you. It seems like this is how the system is supposed to work.

Comment: not telling anyone where you're going? (Score 1, Informative) 250

by YesIAmAScript (#46488983) Attached to: Why San Francisco Is the New Renaissance Florence

Don't worry, everyone isn't in the Bay Area because you're here, you egotistical asshole. They're not going to follow you just because you leave.

I think your 18 months timeframe is too long. Why torture yourself with asbestos and mold any longer? Get out now.

Comment: Smart card, secure element, HSM (Score 1) 70

Also, RSAs authenticator keychains. And more.

This has been invented a million times. The practicality of carrying a device specific for this purpose holds back the widespread use of stuff like this.

Comment: you have to use thin glass (Score 1) 769

by YesIAmAScript (#46392573) Attached to: The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

Thick glass will fracture when you pour boiling water in. The inside of the glass heats up and expands while the outside is still cool and that creates internal stresses and breaks it.

By making the glass/ceramic thin the whole thing expands with the heat which causes no significant stresses.

You could double-wall it or insulate it as others mentioned.

Comment: they don't care (Score 1) 769

by YesIAmAScript (#46391213) Attached to: The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

DRM doesn't have to be undefeatable. The point is simply that the number of people who have hacked machines which bypass the DRM is much smaller than the total installed base of machines.

So this makes it hard to make a viable business model by selling 3rd party cups. Even if you and everyone you know can run un-DRMed cups, companies still can't viably make generic cups.

Comment: Re:is the USB 'bug' fixed, at this point? (Score 3) 77

I gave up on BBB and went to rpi because BBB couldn't come up with a distro that worked.

Got tired of dd'ing my SD storage space back to stock and starting over when the unit ceased to boot after installing another stock apt.

And that's assuming it even worked when clean which it didn't, at least not at first (I got one of the first batch).

Comment: how many productions moved overseas? (Score 1) 131

by YesIAmAScript (#46352485) Attached to: Visual Effects Artists Use MPAA's Own Words Against It

The VFX workers may eventually have to come to grips with the idea that if you can't do it better you can't charge more for it. And thus they will probably have to cut their rates to compete.

This is basically the end game of the guild system Hollywood uses. You can keep people from undercutting you within the country by requiring guild membership and declaring union shops (or productions), but then the production just moves overseas. How many films are produced overseas nowadays to mitigate labor costs?

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