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Comment Re:Ian Murdoch was a racist (Score 1) 464

You can draw a dividing line one the colour scale and call every darker than that "black" and everyone lighter "white" or some other ethnicity, but it's not nearly as meaningful as we imagine. We use that characteristic because it's the easiest to see, but if we started grouping by some other gene variants then we would get a drastically different set of races.

In the context you are talking about, is race only color? Race has also had the meaning of a subgroup within a species sharing characteristics. In the terms you are talking about, is only characteristic superficial skin color?

Comment So Twitter is completely fine now, right?? (Score 1) 214

Now that Twitter is winning the Troll Wars, the platform is finally going to turn the corner, right? Any day now?

It's really hard to censor and block and ban your way to stability and profitability and growth. Creating small circles of users who are banned and blocked from each other isn't a long-term recipe for success.

Comment Re:3rd Party Clearing Houses (Score 1) 556

Yeah, a man in the middle which will be mercilessly DDOS'd, hacked, cracked, and physically stolen time and time again by foreign powers, kiddies, syndicates, and the mob.

Worst idea in a long line of bad ideas from Congress.

It's over. Anyone on their staff thinking otherwise is delusional. No one trusts government, programmers will never implement this, you can put the math back in the bottle.

Comment Nope (Score 1) 556

Sorry. Next time Senator, you are faced with a moment of truth, and the choice is: support hidden, destructive, illegal government surveillance or support telling the public the truth, choose truth. Next time if you have a choice between calling a brave man doing something important a treasonous coward or a hero, chose hero.

In the meantime, fuck off.

Comment Re: Just stop now (Score 1) 114

You must live in a different London to me. The majority of black cabs (Addison Lee don't count in the strict definition) absolutely do not take cards. It's cash or nothing. I got in a cab today and that hadn't changed. In my London, black cabs didn't want to take people south of the river for several years. They only ended up doing it when it became a precondition for them to charge even more. If they'd hadn't been incentivised to do so then, to this day, I probably still wouldn't have been able to get home by cab in the early hours of the morning.

Comment Is he really this stupid? (Score 1) 164

Is he really this stupid? Nothing in those first two months gives the kid the advantage. For a good chunk of that time the child will be functionally unable to see much of anything. Bonding with the mother and establishing healthy sleeping and feeding habits will be more important than having him around.

The point of these studies are that the ability to take time off CORRELATES to better outcomes, not that they are CAUSED by taking this time off. Being the type of dad who can take time off, who is financially stable, who is involved, who is willing, etc are all related to having better outcomes at all the little points in time that add up to influence the outcomes of a child.

Zuckerberg is probably missing the pages of virtually every long-term study every performed which show, pretty decisively, that parental income is the single best indicator to positive educational and life outcomes.

Comment That's fine (Score 1, Interesting) 291

I will support this "zero knowledge" key escrow when I have three assurances:

1. Death penalty for any government employee who misuses data. You look up data about a girlfriend, or an enemy, or a political opponent? No problem, enjoy your Federal death penalty.

2. Death penalty for the cabinet level director for any agency who abuses or has a single employee who abuses data. Oh, sorry, low-level contractor abused data? Enjoy your needle.

3. Excess funding to 0 for any agency that abuses data - no health insurance, no travel, no coffee in the lounge, no flat screen TVs, no car repairs, no vending machine fixes, nothing. No comforts at all, for 1 year.

Comment Re:.NET 5 is just what we need. (Score 2) 160

I'd be interested in learning more about the compatibility problems you're having with real apps and .net framework versions.

We know that there are ocassionally compat issues because we have large customers we work with to try and mitigate them.

There are already mechanisms built into .net for rebinding apps to use specific framework and assembly versions, e.g. the .exe.config file that you can modify without access to the application's source code.

In general, .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0 are the two separate runtimes that you would currently need to have installed. .NET 3.5 is the newest iteration of the .net 2.0 runtime, and .NET 4.6.x is the newest iteration of the 4.0 runtime.

If you're trying to install an app and it says "i need .net 4", and you don't have .net 4 yet, I think that's working as intended. If updates to .net are breaking your apps, that's something we'd like to know about and help with.

If you have problems of the latter sort - .net updates are breaking your apps, feel free to contact me at this address and I'll see about putting you in touch with someone who can help.


Could a Change In Wording Attract More Women To Infosec? ( 291

itwbennett writes: "Information security is an endeavor that is frequently described in terms of war," writes Lysa Myers. "But what would the gender balance of this industry be like if we used more terms from other disciplines?" Just 14 percent of U.S. federal government personnel in cybersecurity specialties are women, a number startlingly close to the 14.5 percent of active duty military members who are women (at least as of 2013). By comparison, women are well represented in other STEM fields: "As of 2011, women earn 60 percent of bachelor-level biology degrees. Women also earn between 40 and 50 percent of chemistry, mathematics and statistics, and Earth sciences undergraduate degrees," writes Myers. Why the difference? Myers points to a comment from someone who taught a GenCyber camp for girls: "He found that one effective way to get girls to feel passionate about security was to create an emotional connection with the subject: e.g. the shock and distress of seeing your drone hacked or your password exposed," writes Myers.

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