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Comment: Re:It's not just about the sensor (Score 2) 283

by Yamata no Orochi (#35638084) Attached to: High Performance Gaming Mice Don't Perform

Why am I picturing a bunch of fat, pasty white guys living in their mom's basement endlessly fiddling with their mice (ahem) in order to ... well, I have no idea what actually as I've never really gotten into FPS games.

Because you're an asshole.

You're on slashdot making fun of people with technology-based hobbies?

What are some of your hobbies, I'm sure we can berate you over them in some fashion.

Comment: Re:Feeling bad for them. (Score 2) 150

by Yamata no Orochi (#35599214) Attached to: <em>Guild Wars 2</em> Devs Aiming For the Top

You know, people said that about EverQuest, when WoW came out. That the idea of WoW beating EQ was simply absurd because there were so many people playing EQ who wouldn't want to simply switch.

I'm pretty sure that it was a different kind of people who played EverQuest. The appeal of WoW is just so much broader. I'd say the current WoW has more in common with FarmVille than Everquest :P.

Oh my god, this is the best line I've ever heard. I'm going to troll the shit out of the WoW-players with this.

Thank you, so much.

Comment: Re:Facebook ToS (Score 1) 157

by Yamata no Orochi (#35478026) Attached to: 41% of Facebook Users Willing To Divulge Personal Info

Speaking of which, regarding these kinds of surveys, doesn't that violate the Facebook terms of service?

And doesn't Facebook ask you to "verify" your acount ("for your protection", of course), like Paypal, after a while?

If so, how did they (the researchers) get a credit cart for Freddi Staur?

Uh, last I checked I haven't ever given Facebook my credit card number.

Have you?

Comment: Re:What open frequencies? (Score 1) 187

by Yamata no Orochi (#33579704) Attached to: FCC To Open Up Vacant TV Airwaves For Broadband

(1) There's no space between TV channels. They all run directly next to one another, like books on a shelf.

That's not how frequency works, no. It's quantized arbitrarily into numbers, it isn't literally a block in space.

(2) The white space devices operate ON channel not between channels. So if there was an empty slot at 50, the device on connect to the internet ON channel 50.

If this is the case then that's an entirely different matter. The article doesn't mention that, but I don't have reason to argue if you've heard otherwise.

(3) The problem is that 50 is not open in the northeast. It's occupied. The entire TV band is full.

The article and materials I've read previously on the matter suggest that opening whitespace is regional, and for instance "channel 50" wouldn't be available for this use in areas where it was already in use for TV or something.

Comment: Re:Gravity? Thermodynamics? (Score 1) 187

by Yamata no Orochi (#33575514) Attached to: FCC To Open Up Vacant TV Airwaves For Broadband

Cool, we can send those regs back in time, so the installed base of equipment will not be interfered with. Obvious and simple.

Both because you know ahead of the time that those rules will "interfere" with pre-existing equipment, and because it simply CANNOT BE ALLOWED that regulation changes affect anything already in place.

What was your point again?

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side. - Han Solo