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Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 2) 391

The solutions proposed are not, however, based in reality...

We aren't all going to stop driving gas powered cars, turn off our AC, or move into 1,000 sqft houses.

All things that we'd have to do, and do rather quickly, to "solve" the problem.

The truth is, we're going to go barreling past 2 degrees C, and probably past 3 degrees C.

We'd be far better off to just prepare for that, rather than make a vain attempt to stop it.

Oh, they're realistic. But in order to pull that off we'd actually have give a shit about the future. We'd have to step out of our greed fueled little lives and put a concerted effort into making the world a better place. That simply will not happen because we're too damn stupid and greedy. As long as we can keep kicking the can down the road, we will. As long as someone stands to profit from the status quo, it will be maintained. This is how humanity has operated throughout history, and the so-called "modern age" is no different.

Why the hell do you think Exxon et al. deliberately ignored and buried the science from their own research departments? Because the cost of snow jobbing the public was a lot less then proposing and implementing actions to address the issues. A few million to the same propoganda firms that held up action on smoking, asbestos, leaded gasoline, etc.? Pssh. Pennies, but more than effective to keep the profits rolling in. Pay for the FUD, stall any meaningful action, and you can keep the profit gravy train running for another few decades. And by the time even the biggest idiots in the public finally realize there is a problem, the solution will be so painful to the general public that they'd never sign on to it.

Mission accomplished.

Now here we are, some 35 years later and NOW the problem is "too big/unrealistic to solve". Well no fucking shit. If we had started taking actions 35 years ago then we wouldn't be in this situation. It's like a doctor saying you have the beginning stages of cancer then waiting until you have stage 4 cancer to do anything about it.

Now the only "realistic" course of action is adaptation. Oddly, no one wants to pay for that. Not like we could if we even wanted too considering we've spent the past 35 years paying trillions to maintain our addiction to the economical morphine known as oil. These "climate conferences" and such? Worthless. With the global economy the way it is, all the unrest, and the big bad boogeyman of terrorism no one is going to make any serious commitments to doing anything.

As always, nothing meaningful will be done until the shit really hits the fan. By then it will be far too late, of course. If we don't destroy ourselves in resource wars, we might end up learning a valuable lesson.

Comment Re:BUILD (Score 1, Informative) 321

And what if a pre-assembled PC is cheaper than your custom built PC by $300-$400 provided certain minor things are inferior to your custom PC?

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! sides! You should have been modded +5 funny!

This never happens. Ever.

Businesses can buy components in bulk, at a far cheaper rate than the huge markup a typical customer gives to component makers when he buys individual components.

Ok, think about the market. Is the largest market segment high end or low end? The answer is low end. Vendors have a much easier time moving low end systems than high end systems, so they always bulk rate the low end in significantly higher quantities. The markup is lower, but they move a hell of a lot more of it. That's where the bulk of their profit comes from.

If you order a machine (via some configurator or something) and select a component that is either higher end or not something they're trying to dump, then you will pay a significant premium.

Go over to someplace like PC part picker and put together a machine for some budget. Then go to someplace like CyberPower and try and configure one with the same parts for the same price or cheaper. Even for low end you can put together a machine for at least $100 cheaper (and with better parts).

You also don't have to deal with malfunctioning parts because the pre-assembled PC has been tested.

You missed your calling. You should have been a comedian.

Perhaps you should go read forums about some of these vendors. DOA's. Foreign call centers. Botched RMA's. Runarounds. You're at the mercy of whatever QA process and team they had test these machines, then your at the mercy of whatever craptastic customer service they're running.

There are quality vendors out there, but you're going to be paying a premium. Good service isn't cheap and neither is good QA.

So it's not all black and white.

Yeah it is.

If you're fine paying a premium from a GOOD vendor, then by all means go ahead and do that. If you don't mind taking a chance with dumpster vendors or don't really care about getting the best value for your money, then go ahead a buy a prebuilt. But the best bang for your buck is going to come from building your own.

Comment Re:DOOR BUSTER SALES! (Score 1) 138

You're right. It takes money to repair a busted door. We tried "Door Slightly Ajar" sales but we couldn't get it past marketing. We also tried "Hey, we're open now and we have a sale going on that really isn't much of a sale compared to the rest of the year but we're going to hype it up for no reason whatsoever anyway!" but it was panned as being too literal.

Those marketing drones I tell ya...

Oh, I know! Let's call it the "Shoot, Stab, and Trample Sale!" because...what? Too literal again? Guess I know why I'm not in marketing.

Comment Re:Only one responsible party (Score 2) 486

The CIA: Fucking the US over with blowback since WW2.

Seriously, most of the crap going on in the Middle East is directly or indirectly related to how much we (and other oil hungry nations) have screwed that region over for the past 60 years in order to secure oil interests. We've overthrown governments, installed bloody puppet dictators, supported questionable (at best) regimes, instigated/supported proxy wars leading to the deaths of millions, so on and so forth.

And yet people are constantly surprised when groups like Al Quaeda and ISIS pop out of the woodwork. Honestly, what do they expect to happen? These aren't some brown human shaped objects who just happen to be in our way. They're people, and they will react like people. Make people feel angry, helpless, and desperate enough and logic goes straight out the window. They want an enemy, and they want to strike out at that enemy. Get a couple of charismatic sociopaths spouting twisted religious garbage in a heavily religious culture and suddenly you have people willing to strap on bombs and blow themselves up.

Worse, the longer this crap goes on the worse it's going to get. Every errant bomb, every leveled city, every child mowed down, and every family blown up just adds more fuel to the fire.

Any hope for peace or ending ISIS and other such groups will require the people of the region to collectively stand up against them and take back their countries and their homes. It can't be forced on them by countries/people they already mistrust or view simply as the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately I don't see this happening anytime soon as even today religious differences act to impede any sort of unity, and our constant meddling isn't helping either.

Comment Re:What is the end game to gutting the middle clas (Score 2) 284

At least in ancient Rome the emperors would stage feasts, festivals and games.

McDonald's, New Year's Eve, NFL.

The end game of capitalism? The French Revolution. You can only push people so far. There's a point where the laws of society and morality lose their meaning, usually soon after the masses start starving and suffering. At that point it doesn't matter how many guns or gates you have. You're not going to stop an angry mob who thinks they have nothing left to lose and view death as a reprieve from a tormented life.

Comment Re:Get a grip! (Score 1) 607

If you are an American, with all the benefits that citizenship entails - education, infrastructure, living conditions, security, stable government, rule of law, material and spiritual abundance - that make you the envy of the rest of the planet... why the hell can you not compete with third-world peasants, struggling against oppressive governments, scarcity of resources, illiterate parents, crime and pollution?

Compete? How? By turning America into a third world country? Our sociopathic corporations only care about corporate profits. Hence why they offshore to places that have no standards of living, no worker protections, no minimum wages, no regulations, etc.

They offshore the jobs because they can pay slave wages to people working in death traps and not lose a wink of sleep.

Comment Re:I wonder.... (Score 1) 607

The bigger problem is all the jobs that are going overseas - but there isn't a fix to that.

Oh there's a fix for that. But corporate greed isn't going to allow that to happen. Instead they're going to continue to buy politicians to push through even more crap in Congress to increase their profits at the cost of systematically destroying everyone who isn't already wealthy.

The wealth gap continues to increase. The 1% continue to gain wealth while everyone else loses. It's only a matter of time before this fucked up system of ours that is touted as a bullshit "free market" collapses on itself.

Comment Re:Yeah, I know, I'm probably a denier... (Score 1) 735

...garbage deleted...

You referenced the Daily Caller in a scientific argument. You have no credibility. At all.

BTW, I have a story about a rainbow pony with a human head that predicts the future and shits donuts. The Daily Caller told me they couldn't run it because it wasn't bat-shit insane enough to print.

Comment Re:The real question is... (Score 1) 735

...can we continue emitting as we are for 50 years?


We all know the oil reserves will be severely depleted by 50 years from now if we just keep the current consumption rate. I doubt we can just keep the pace at which we are emitting greenhouse gases for 50 years. Before we reach the 50 years milestone, the oil price will skyrocket and consumption will collapse.

Oh? Oil is the only fossil fuel?

Natural gas, coal liquification, tar sands, etc. are all things that will hit profitably long before oil becomes a serious issue. Worse, coal and natural gas are cheap and plentiful now and if estimates show anything there is plenty of supply left to keep us burning for quite some time.

Comment Re:Start going after incompetent contractors (Score 1) 305

I think it is about time the government starts to legally chase after the contractors who are just incompetent.

I think it's about time that the people legally go after incompetent government.

The standard operating procedure when the government mismanages a project is to throw the contractor under the bus (and the government has more buses than Greyhound). In fact, one of the reasons why the government employs so many contractors is for that very reason. CYA is big in the government.

And it's not a two way street. It is very difficult to go back to the government and tell them they're fucking up a project. It is incredibly difficult to get a civil servant removed from a project for mismanagement, and it essentially takes and act of $DIETY to get them fired. And because of that civil servant longevity and invulnerability, if you burn that bridge it will almost certainly come back to bite you at some point in the future.

Of course, there are cases where the blame falls squarely on the contractor but I don't think it's nearly as common as people think.

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