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Comment Re:don't prevent intelligence because of fear.. (Score 1) 207

e.g. If I could know what decisions you were making (a notion that is at least theoretically possible, if the universe were truly deterministic), I could analyze it and predict the answer you would give to a particular question, even if I told you truthfully what the answer to that question were going to be.... however, with your so-called illusion of free will, you could utilize the information that I gave you in the present about your alleged future action, and then deliberately contradict it, invalidating the prediction that I made, meaning that my knowledge about the future state was incorrect, which leads one inescapably to the conclusion that even if the universe is deterministic, it is impossible to know it.

If you know the state and rules of the deterministic universe and use that knowledge to predict my decision, you must also in making that prediction predict your own actions, such as telling me your predictions, and my reaction to your actions. So I cannot contradict your actual prediction, unless you weren't really using the state and rules of the deterministic universe to make your prediction. (Of course I could contradict your announced prediction, if it were other than your actual prediction.)

It seems counter-intuitive that I would be unable to make a decision other than the decision you tell me I'm going to make, but if you grant that the universe is deterministic and has consistent rules, and your are able to know enough of the state and rules to make accurate local predictions, then that must be the case.

Arguing that such a universe cannot exist (or cannot be known) because it violates your intuition about free will is begging the question.

Comment Re:sigh... (Score 0) 253

Hmmm, take 2,606, "add four zeros" ... Gives you either 2,606 or 26,060,000 depending on what that's supposed to mean. I'll assume the latter. "Double that," and get 52,120,000. Deaths "the U.S. is responsible for since WWII." Really? Can you provide any justification whatsoever for that figure?

If I were complaining about the evils of the USA, I'd probably go with slavery and the genocide of Native Americans. I wonder, what comparable atrocities the USA has committed since WWII?

The 2,606 referenced above were killed in an act of cold-blooded, premeditated murder. Can you give an example of the U.S. committing such an act on that scale in the last hundred years?

Comment Re:Opinions: Many problems in Seattle and Portland (Score 1) 394

Crude oil is not produced to make plastic. It is produced to make fuel. After the crude oil is refined into fuel, the stuff left over is used for plastic, chemicals, asphalt, etc. The plastic and other by-products are basically free.

Agreed that plastic production and recycling aren't energy- and pollution free, but you have the same problems with paper of course.

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