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Comment Re:sigh... (Score 0) 253

Hmmm, take 2,606, "add four zeros" ... Gives you either 2,606 or 26,060,000 depending on what that's supposed to mean. I'll assume the latter. "Double that," and get 52,120,000. Deaths "the U.S. is responsible for since WWII." Really? Can you provide any justification whatsoever for that figure?

If I were complaining about the evils of the USA, I'd probably go with slavery and the genocide of Native Americans. I wonder, what comparable atrocities the USA has committed since WWII?

The 2,606 referenced above were killed in an act of cold-blooded, premeditated murder. Can you give an example of the U.S. committing such an act on that scale in the last hundred years?

Comment Re:Opinions: Many problems in Seattle and Portland (Score 1) 394

Crude oil is not produced to make plastic. It is produced to make fuel. After the crude oil is refined into fuel, the stuff left over is used for plastic, chemicals, asphalt, etc. The plastic and other by-products are basically free.

Agreed that plastic production and recycling aren't energy- and pollution free, but you have the same problems with paper of course.

Comment I like Flash (Score 1) 202

I like Flash because it's easy to disable. Everything that's awful about Flash (i.e. all of it) is now being integrated into HTML, which makes annoying flashy crap much harder to avoid.

Can we get an EverythingThatUsedToBeInFlashButIsNowInHTML_Block add-on for our browsers?

Comment LLC? ISP? WTF? (Score 3, Informative) 53

"Limited Liability Corporation" and "Internet Service Provider" don't make much sense, but then again I'm pretty far behind the times on CPU architecture. Who knows what coprocessors they're spending their insane transistor budgets on these days.

OK, "ISP" appears to mean "Image Signal Processor". "LLC" could mean "Last Level Cache" or "Logical Link Control". "Last Level Cache" makes more sense in context, though this is the first time I've seen that phrase. Usually cache levels are explicitly numbered (first, second, third, etc).

It looks like they spelled out everything else except "IPC" which is obviously(?) "Instructions Per Cycle".

Good job there, author, submitter, and editor!

Comment Elephant in the room (Score 3, Interesting) 676

Everybody seems to be ignoring the most important questions:

1. What kind of server was it?

2. What OS?

3. Which MTA?

I mean, if she rescued some old Sun pizza box from the dumpster, installed Gentoo and a heavily patched Qmail, then she gets my vote for sure! If it was a Dell running Windows Server and Exchange ... well ... that bitch can go straight to hell.

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