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Comment: Re:You can get a 1TB external for like, 80 bucks (Score 1) 335

by Xenna (#46476461) Attached to: 1GB of Google Drive Storage Now Costs Only $0.02 Per Month

I wouldn't pay to backup my (non-home) movies, but I would pay to backup my music documents and photo's which is under 1TB.

An external hard disk on premises is too risky. You could wipe it out during a backup operation. You could lose both the original and the copy in a flood, burglary or fire. Off-site backup is essential IMHO. And a colo server with 1TB+ storage is not really cheap.

Comment: Easy (Score 1) 280

by Xenna (#46325923) Attached to: Who's On WhatsApp, and Why?

It's cheaper than SMS, allows conferencing and really easy sharing of pictures, interface is better that regular Android SMS. Biggest drawback is that you can't use it from your computer. I also use Google Talk (now reluctantly hangouts) and regular sms. Never use MMS.

Comment: Re:PFsense (Score 3, Interesting) 264

by Xenna (#46286409) Attached to: Routers Pose Biggest Security Threat To Home Networks

Yeah, I've been running that stuff for years after getting frustrated with commercial routers. Has been extremely stable.

Of course, being lazy I got it in appliance form from this place:

"Hopefully no huge flaw comes out on that without me noticing. That would be embarrassing."

Ultimately it's a matter of (perhaps misguided) trust...

Comment: Finding the word (Score 1) 206

by Xenna (#46122967) Attached to: It's Not Memory Loss - Older Minds May Just Be Fuller of Information

You know how it goes with simple words or names that you have trouble remembering repeatedly? You get the wrong associations with people and objects end every time you can't find a word and you go through these wrong associations again you're actually reinforcing these pathways. So, next time you can't find the word or name, stop thinking! Or you may be stuck with a permanent misassociation.

Comment: Re:Blaming the cables? (Score 1) 476

by Xenna (#46112761) Attached to: Tesla's Having Issues Charging In the Cold

I don't know about the Tesla, but my Ampera (the European version of the Chevrolet Volt) has a conditioning system for the batteries that cools or heats to keep them in the optimum range either when plugged in or when driving (although the latter also costs battery capacity). You can tell the car at what time you leave in the morning so that it can pre-condition the batteries for the ride.

I'd be surprised if the tesla wouldn't have something similar.

Comment: Re:More for show than environment (Score 1) 103

by Xenna (#46064795) Attached to: Tesla Wins One Over Chinese Trademark Troll

Well, as far as eco-bookkeeping goes they'll probably be able to point to their electric bill and prove they use only hydro-electric from, say, the three gorges dam..

Same way I only use atomic electricity in my Ampera (aka Volt). Thankfully when everyone's killed their nukes the electricity will still keep flowing. I suspect my billl will look a little different though...

Comment: Re:Z wave (Score 1) 336

by Xenna (#45948863) Attached to: New Home Automation?

I'm OCD in that area too. I also have kids who can open (and forget to close) the garage door (which is invisible from the house).

So I set up two magnetic contacts to monitor the door status and connected them (as well as the door trigger) to a Flyport (PIC microcontroller with Wifi) which interfaces with my Linux server. I have a (mobile) web page that displays the door status accessible via the Internet (or Wifi). The web page is protected with SSL and a secret token. I can give out tokens to others that I want to give access to my home within a time window.

Also there's an RF controlled light in the living room that indicates the status of the garage door. I probably
should add one of those in the bed room.

Comment: An enormously bold move... (Score 2) 47

by Xenna (#45256849) Attached to: Inside South Africa's First Fully Digital Government School

I just took my 7 year old out of a school that made a similar 'enormously bold move', yeah, and I'm an old time Slashdot nerd.

In the case of my son's school the idea was to replace all the practice material for all the important subjects by similar material on a (custom made) tablet. No writing skills were necessary anymore. Making math exercises is now a matter of guessing, the tablet will immediately respond with correct or false and the kid can go back and fix things.

I love technology and all but I'm seriously worried about what such a 'bold move' will do to my kid's future cognitive abilities. The long term effects of this are unknown. So we took him to another school where they teach according to the (properly debugged) Montessori model.

The kicker is that pilots for this system are going on on 10% of Dutch schools and none of the other parents of the 200 or so affected children seemed to be bothered by this.We'll probably know the results of this experiment in another 5 years.

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