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Comment: Just ensure its an app too (Score 1) 321

by Xenious (#47110359) Attached to: I Want a Kindle Killer

I'm all for making a cool new ereader but I ask to ensure its available as an app as well. I like to use my iPad mini and some books I have on kindle (use kindle app) some I have on the iBookstore (use apple app). I do prefer to combine them all to amazon but if forced to go with a new market leader at least I can use whatever device I want (as well as their hardware).

Comment: Re:In Regards to the Visual Novel (Score 1) 88

by Xenious (#44064989) Attached to: Megatokyo Gets a Visual Novel Game

Thanks for posting this. I'm really surprised by the negative comments here. Yes the updates have been infrequent of late but MT has a big foundation with the same spirit as Slashdot from its roots. I'm excited about the project (and backing it myself). While a Visual Novel may be a bit unfamiliar here in the US I'm interested in how the different story arcs will play out and am excited for it more as a 4 dimensional representation of the published MT books. W00t!

Comment: Can be used to find where people live.... (Score 3, Insightful) 36

by Xenious (#43674403) Attached to: Tool Reveals iPad and iPhone User Locations

Hmmm, "it can be used to find where people live", so can a phone book. ;) A lot of the time summaries take a very specific issue (quoting from Thornburg) "this relies upon running an access point with no DHCP, which is what forces the iDevice to send ARPs for the last DHCP server it used" and escalating it to a more dramatic issue. Sometimes with a very simple partial solution (again from Thornburg) "NO device should be configured to automatically join wifi networks," and a general attack with the open source vs closed or apple vs anyone fighting. Grated the dry description isn't as eye catching but its much more logical.

For the record yes I have an iPhone and no I am not setup to automatically join new wifi networks.

Comment: when a gun is taken by law enforcement (Score 4, Interesting) 1591

by Xenious (#42602133) Attached to: New York Passes Landmark Gun Law

So when it is determined that a gun owner needs to be relieved of their firearm by law enforcement (because they are no longer defined as able to own it) is the state going to re-imburse the owner the value of the gun? Would the funds come from some fund from gun sales tax? Are they temporarily taking it with the intention of returning it when able? Where will they be safely stored?

Comment: Just like... (Score 1) 287

by Xenious (#41176935) Attached to: Is Innovation the Most Abused Word In Business?

an economist writing a paper on technology, Innovation is an abused term all around. While the current smartphones might be more pervasive than innovative, they are being utilized and accommodated in more places. So in the end the application gatekeepers allow compatibility and I can do more on my phone than I ever could in the past. So is acceptance and exploitation of a technology, innovation?

Comment: Because the UI was "meh" (Score 3, Insightful) 933

by Xenious (#41165077) Attached to: How Apple Killed the Linux Desktop

I promise I'm not trolling. I was very pro Linux as cool new UIs like Enlightenment started coming out. Shortly thereafter OS X really started taking off (albeit fueled by cool hardware design too) and I found that where the Linux UIs were rough and undependable the OS X UI (+look and feel) was sleek, smooth and very polished. On top of that you had all the functionality of the Linux OS underneath it. Aside from a higher cost, it couldn't compete. Temper this with the fact that I'm focusing on client use and not as much on server use.

Where I see the real value of Linux (and Android) is in embedded systems where GUI design may not be as critical.

Comment: The problem is overall unhappiness (Score 1) 910

by Xenious (#39771737) Attached to: In Nothing We Trust

When people are unhappy they project their dissatisfaction on their world. Some have less money to work with, some have no jobs, some have no hope of a job after graduation. The news is constantly reminding us of how everything is depressing. Proposed changes bring fears of higher taxes which leads to fears of less money when budgets are already challenged. Fear makes people lock down and avoid change. The current climate will continue until better financial times return or people decide better financial times aren't their source of happiness.

Comment: Troubling outcome (Score 1) 756

by Xenious (#39469035) Attached to: You're Driving All Wrong, Says NHTSA

This is another troubling outcome of trying to alter the optimum behavior for control to accommodate for over-done safety or security. Maybe the intensity of the airbag or placement can be modified so that the optimal place for controlling the wheel is still used?

Surely the government wouldn't mandate an over achieving potentially harmful design in the name of security would they?

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