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Comment: TnA casting? (Score 1) 342 342

Did you watch the show? Both Grace and Tricia had to play different versions of themselves throughout the entire series. They sure made a believable presentation out of it. I am pretty sure they both received some sort of awards. Maybe not Emey's/Oscars, whatever that crap is that they give to them lowest common denominator movies.

Comment: Your comparison is a bit faulty. (Score 1) 891 891

Umm I don't really think 16lb difference is going to matter when most roads are designed to hand regular truck traffic. Prius: 3000lb (~15 sq in per tire * 4) = 50lb / sq in (P195/65R15 tires) Hummer H2 6600lb (~24.8 sq in per tire * 4) = 66lb / sq in (LT315/70R17 tires) This is not even taking in account for under inflated or overinflated tires!

Comment: Re:Here, I'll summarize. (Score 1) 834 834

It doesn't have to be "John Connor" that saves the day. I am sure the humans would find another leader just as SkyNet "finds" a new creator everytime one is blown up.

Really want to mess with skynet, take away the nukes. Now how's it going to massively retaliate when it throws a tantrum?

Comment: Re:Can YOU imagine 3.8 billion years, though? (Score 1) 604 604

Maybe instead of 3.8 billion years that we throw around, make the numbers more user friendly.
take 3.8, that don't sound too big and yeah billion is big but you only have 3.8 of them.

How about 3800 million years, sounds bigger intuitively, especially if your mathematically challenged?

Or shorten it to something you could related to, such as 127 million generations? hmm maybe not, that seems small again like 3.8 billion.

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