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Comment Re:Delaying the inevitable. (Score 0) 126 126

I think you just prefer that we can't understand the universe, because it means the things you hope for are possible. It's very common these days, and it's been increasing the more we come to a complete understanding of how things work. Turns out, even the universe isn't that complicated or mysterious.

Comment What about the Grid? (Score 0) 318 318

How long will america and other nations aging electrical grids be able to keep up with the demand and load *if* EV's ever become economically practical for the majority of people? 1 billion cars is a lot to replace. What happens to them and their toxic waste? Not to mention all the new coal plants we'll have to build to keep up with demand. Nuclear isn't an option as long as people are scared of things they can't see or perfectly understand.

You will lose an important tape file.