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Comment Re:From TFA (Score 4, Informative) 211

But .. but now it has a CVE number and everything - so it must be scary

Written by somebody who clearly neither manages a large amount of hosts exposed to the Internet nor manages multiple environments in which there are some new hosts that are luckily patched along side other older hosts that have to run *slightly* older releases of distro's for one reason or another.

This IS a big deal.

Comment Re:So why is this taking more than a day to solve? (Score 1) 598

sorry to ask the obvious, but... So why is this taking more than a day to solve?

To be honest I haven't even tried. The camera is a nice to have for me, not a must have. Feel free to offer your suggestions and/or code to the project here:


Comment Re: Nosedive (Score 1) 598

For the first time in twenty years I'm seriously considering moving off Apple hardware, purely because of the current unreliability of the software.

I run Linux Mint on my MB Pro. The only complaint I have is that the camera is non-functional (there's active work on solving this in the community, though), but I've been quite happy with it otherwise.

Comment Re:Chrome Dumbed Down (Score 3, Informative) 68

Too bad Google removed the options to enable or disable SSL versions from Chrome some time ago, in an effort to further dumb down the browser. The options used to be under "advanced, but they aren't anymore. Not even available under about:flags.

Add --ssl-version-min=tls1 as a command line flag. Check here for the way to do that, depending on your OS:


Comment Re:On the other hand.... (Score 1) 338

NTP is your friend. man ntpd.

Most people here know what NTP is (no need to point to man..), and it's safe to assume BT's network devices all use it. The problem is, MANY destinations don't run it, or run it improperly (I can't count the amount of times I've seen 'ntpdate' in a cronjob instead of running ntpd). And unless they're in perfect sync with BT, then cross referencing will still be difficult (assuming the destination is getting a sizable amount of diverse traffic from BT customers behind the same NAT'd address).

Comment Re:x230 (Score 1) 271

Really? What is the resolution?
Have you tried replacing the wifi card? You can't unless its blessed by Lenovo, the BIOS prevents the machine from booting artificially if its pci id is not in a whitelist. I will never buy Lenovo again because of this very reason.

Given I upgraded the build to have the exact card I wanted, I can't really see that being a problem for me. They have a couple options IIRC, do you just not like them or something?

Comment Re:Does anyone with a clue actually *use* this stu (Score 2) 39

Great post, but I do disagree with this:

but it's a hell of a lot cheaper, faster and easier than running such a cluster

This is at best only true on a small/medium scale, but ultimately it really depends on your use case and how on top of your AWS bill you are. My contention is that once you get to the point that you're running thousands of large EC2 instances, you'd actually find it cheaper to deploy and manage servers in your own DC (or a colo).

I'm sure the folks at Netflix will disagree with me, but considering the hundreds of folks they have dedicated to tooling and optimizing their AWS deployment, I'd say they're a special case (plus they likely get big discounts given the amount of cheerleading they do for AWS).

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