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Comment DRM causes a bad experience either way. (Score 2, Insightful) 403

> Williams gave the example of one piracy exploit that caused more than a million reported system crashes

Those millions of crashes wouldn't have happened if the DRM wasn't in the OS to begin with. Still Microsoft's fault for adding defective-by-design code that require exploits to correct.

Comment Such laws ALWAYS pass, lest people whisper... (Score 1) 630

It's like the McCarthy era in a way. No-one opposed his witchhunts lest they be labeled a communist themselves. It doesn't matter how intrusive, unconstitutional, or unethical a law against a sex offender is. It'll almost always pass, lest people start to whisper...

Any politician who doesn't support harsh punishment has practically guaranteed themselves a tremendous loss come election time at the minimum, if not an outright recall.

"He's not in favor of non-sedated castration for sex offenders! I'll bet he reads kiddie porn..."

Comment MPG is no replacement for HP. (Score 1) 309

100mpg can be done, and Detroit knows it. However, a 100mpg car won't sell to anyone except Prius worshipers and Greenpeace flakes in Sacramento.

Even if gas prices keep skyrocketing, highly efficient vehicles will not be embraced by the driving masses (at least, not in the US) unless it has 250hp, seats eight, and treats a boulder like a speed bump.

Oh, and a dual exhaust is a must. Got to have that satisfying throaty roar.

Whoever dies with the most toys wins.