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User Interface of Major Oscilliscope Brands? 281

Posted by timothy
from the dots-and-squiggles dept.
teddaw152 writes "I've been tasked with ordering an oscilloscope and a logic analyzer for use in a university physics lab, and have found several models that will likely suit our technical needs from the major manufacturers (Agilent, Tektronix, and LeCroy). However, I personally have only used legacy HP scopes, and thus I have no idea what modern features are must haves and which brand's user interface is the most intuitive. Is there anyone out there that has used modern Tektronix/Agilent/LeCroy scopes side by side and can comment on their thoughts from the purely subjective side?"

Comment: no one ever got fired for choosing microsoft.... (Score 0) 792

by WrongOne (#24927103) Attached to: The London Stock Exchange Goes Down For Whole Day
"No one has ever been fired for choosing Microsoft...."

I've heard this repeated over and over again in throughout numerous industries, over the course of my 20 or so odd years involved with technology.
I think this age old saying is about to go the way of the dinosaurs.

+ - Comcast blocking 1

Submitted by nate.sammons
nate.sammons writes: Several times in the last few days, my comcast line has given me a "Connection reset" error when connecting to Now, every other site I've tried works, including,, etc. However, any attempt to connect to gets me a connection reset error. When this happened the other day, it eventually just went away. So-far tonight it's been about two hours.

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