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Comment: USB3 (Score 2) 301 301

I would say four USB ports, and please they really should be ALL USB3 by now, stop still trying to be cheap with 50% USB2 and 50% USB3. You shouldn't need to think which slot is which type when you plug a device in, it should all be fastest type. A hub is useless when you're on the move, more batteries or worse, a mains adaptor to power things, more things to worry about and carry.

Comment: Re:DAB or DAB+? (Score 1) 293 293

I originally bought a pocket DAB radio because four stations I listen to were in stereo on DAB, two of them were on AM (mono). As time passed by, ALL the DAB stations dropped their data rates, two of them have switched to 112k mono - unlistenable so don't listen to DAB any more The other stereo station on DAB reduced from 192k to 128k. Only one station left in stereo, at 160k (thankfully is in stereo on FM).

99% of DAB radio is in mono - in no way is that an FM replacement, the dropping bitrate makes even the mono stations sound bad. Look at the DAB radios on sale in the UK, nearly all of them have just one speaker. DAB is NOT ever going to replace stereo FM.

Comment: And by strange coincidence, politician paid by (Score 2) 87 87

By strange coincidence, a politician who wants ISPs to pay for the job the film and music industry should do if they want, is paid by:

Name of donor: Motion Picture Licensing Co Ltd
Name of donor: CASBAA (Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia)

Comment: Click of death and Blurays (Score 1) 307 307

I've had one hard drive unexpecdedly do click of death, thought all data was gone forever. After some months and reading about possible solutions, I tried heating the top of the drive (label side) with a clothes iron then connecting it. I worked, so copied everything.

One case fan, a power supply, and a BluRay recorder.

I count the BluRay drive as I stupidly did a flash update in Windows, and when I booted in Linux, none of the encrypted BluRay discs that played before played. So to me that's a dead drive. I haven't bought another encrypted BluRay disc since - fuck Hollyood!

Comment: Airport / train station arrival / departure boards (Score 1) 790 790

I miss the shhh-shhh-shhh-shhh sound of the old display boards at airports, before monitors took over. The sound of an updating board sounded like a lot of decks of cards being shuffled at the same time - but cards made of plastic no paper. And the boards only updated one line at a time, so it used to take some time to update an entire display.

Comment: New partitioner (Score 1) 170 170

I don't know about needing a completely new partition manager, but certainly needs to read GPT partitions. In GParted, there is one disk I have just for Windows7, Windows partitioned it, but GParted reads the drive as unpartitioned / available. I asked around and people were thinking it was partitioned wrong that's why invisible.... well if Windows partitioned it's own partitions wrong....

And please pick a better name than the proposed one, at least make the name pronouncable.

Comment: Control (Score 1) 128 128

"Tackling Piracy" is the cover story, but it's just for the government to grab control of the free internet. A little bit at the time, they come up with reasons to censor this, ban that, people too stupid to see what is happening. Until one day, you have nothing left of the internet as we know it today.

Comment: Cartels (Score 5, Insightful) 253 253

What about the film industry creating a cartel and using laws to enforce it, stuff like region coding DVD's and BluRay's, encryption, or adding unskippable bs like copyright notices on LEGIT bought products. The "pirates" are obviously giving consumers a better product, but corrupt governments side on the media cartels who refuse to update their business models to the current real world - they are stuck in the last century.

The law has been bought and paid for by the corrupt media cartels. The law is a disgrace, as are our bought corrupt politicians.

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