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Comment Click of death (Score 4, Interesting) 377

My worst IT disaster was suffering from a hard drive failure, click of death. I had warning of a few days of it, and I deliberately kept the pc on 24/7 instead of normal switch on/off, to make sure the drive stayed alive until its replacement arrived.

Obviously I had to turn the pc off to change the drive, it was not hot-swapable. When I powerd the pc up, the old hard drive failed, didn't work at all. I was faced with losing all the data on it. I left the drive alone for months wondering what to do, reading different ideas online, some of them weird.

Eventually I decided to try the least distructive idea first. I put a sheet of paper on the failed drive to make sure the label doesn't come off, and heated up the clothes iron, then applied the iron directly onto the top of the hard drive. When the drive casing was wam enough (not so hot as to make it hard to carry), I took it to my pc, and powered up.

The failed hard drive came to life, and I managed to grab all the files on it onto the new hard drive, uncorrupted.

Out of interest, the failed drive failed about three months before I do forced drive change as a backup / failure prevention. I got lucky.

Comment USB3 (Score 2) 301

I would say four USB ports, and please they really should be ALL USB3 by now, stop still trying to be cheap with 50% USB2 and 50% USB3. You shouldn't need to think which slot is which type when you plug a device in, it should all be fastest type. A hub is useless when you're on the move, more batteries or worse, a mains adaptor to power things, more things to worry about and carry.

Comment Re:DAB or DAB+? (Score 1) 293

I originally bought a pocket DAB radio because four stations I listen to were in stereo on DAB, two of them were on AM (mono). As time passed by, ALL the DAB stations dropped their data rates, two of them have switched to 112k mono - unlistenable so don't listen to DAB any more The other stereo station on DAB reduced from 192k to 128k. Only one station left in stereo, at 160k (thankfully is in stereo on FM).

99% of DAB radio is in mono - in no way is that an FM replacement, the dropping bitrate makes even the mono stations sound bad. Look at the DAB radios on sale in the UK, nearly all of them have just one speaker. DAB is NOT ever going to replace stereo FM.

Comment And by strange coincidence, politician paid by (Score 2) 87

By strange coincidence, a politician who wants ISPs to pay for the job the film and music industry should do if they want, is paid by: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/...

Name of donor: Motion Picture Licensing Co Ltd
Name of donor: CASBAA (Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia)

Comment Click of death and Blurays (Score 1) 307

I've had one hard drive unexpecdedly do click of death, thought all data was gone forever. After some months and reading about possible solutions, I tried heating the top of the drive (label side) with a clothes iron then connecting it. I worked, so copied everything.

One case fan, a power supply, and a BluRay recorder.

I count the BluRay drive as I stupidly did a flash update in Windows, and when I booted in Linux, none of the encrypted BluRay discs that played before played. So to me that's a dead drive. I haven't bought another encrypted BluRay disc since - fuck Hollyood!

Comment Justice (Score 2) 75

The police going after easy targets, while the city police protect criminal banks who have done well documented money laundering for Mexican drug cartels by the city's own banks. If you do crime, do it big, or give police backhanders to look the other way.

Comment Airport / train station arrival / departure boards (Score 1) 790

I miss the shhh-shhh-shhh-shhh sound of the old display boards at airports, before monitors took over. The sound of an updating board sounded like a lot of decks of cards being shuffled at the same time - but cards made of plastic no paper. And the boards only updated one line at a time, so it used to take some time to update an entire display.

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