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Comment: Science and engineering in basket case UK (Score 2) 321

by Wowsers (#46140551) Attached to: James Dyson: We Should Pay Students To Study Engineering

The UK is a basket case, it treats the arts in higher esteem than the sciences and engineering (unlike countries like Germany). The general public in the UK don't like people who takes sciences (how popular are science nerds/geeks compared to jocks in school?) Money is thrown at the arts like it's going out of fashion, the scienes however always have funding problems.

When I studied at university, the arts students were the ones who had lots of time to prop up the student bars, and could get any books they wanted very cheaply (say £5), whereas for sciences, it was normal to spend £50+ for just one book.

In the UK, the amount of effort you put into a science degree and pay you get, is inversely proportional to the effort and pay the arts students get (unless you're really really good in your chosen science subject)

So of course, the sciences should have their courses paid for compared to the arts. But I would add to that, to prevent people jumping onto a science course because it's free, they MUST have studied science courses and have good grades in them from lower schools before getting to university. This should prevent students from moving courses.

Comment: Pockets (Score 1) 254

by Wowsers (#45898795) Attached to: I think wearable computing will take off...

Never mind wearable tech, in the UK, mens trousers (pants to the US audience), are getting ever smaller pockets, and now same happening to coats too (or vanishing pockets). Guys put their stuff in their pockets, we don't want to look like idiots like ex-footballer David Beckham with bags trying to look as if men should have them to carry their stuff like women.

Comment: Re:Love camera phones (Score 5, Insightful) 182

by Wowsers (#44995289) Attached to: The Difference Between Film and Digital Photography (Video)

I'm not a professional photographer, but I do not like point-and-shoot cameras, shutter lag, limit of lens choices (actually no choice just the one), terrible f-stop range, terrible noise on sensors, tiny sensors, and they are way too light to be able to make steady shots, and not seeing through the lens at what you're shooting is totally weird with the electronic lag of CCD to LCD display.

With a DSLR I can shoot with very high shutter speeds, having the ability to change lenses allows me to get either macro close or very far objects closer up. You can also clip on filters to change the image, like polarisers.

Most people will not need a DSLR, but to claim that those cameras are only for professionals is rubbish. Even a cheap DSLR will out do a point-and-shoot. And let's not even get into thiny pinhead size sensors in mobile phones and claim that it's genuinely 8MP+.

Comment: Email software problems (Score 1) 393

Recently, I tried to add a signed key to my emails so people could "prove" they were from me. I was requested by everyone using some Microsoft package for email, to stop, as Microsoft was messing up the formatting of the email, and adding the key as plain text to the email, unlike other packeges I was using and treating the signature a bit like an attachment, something you can click, but is not shown as part of the main message.

So until this rubbish is sorted out, people will not be able to use even simple things like signing messages, let alone encrypting messages.

+ - Drone aircraft nearly brings down passenger airplane->

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Wowsers (1151731) writes "A German drone aircraft was within meters of bringing down a passenger aircraft with 100 people on board. The link shows stills from onboard the drone. The incident had been hushed up for nine years, and is creating waves in Germany now the footage has been leaked out."
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Comment: Testing times (Score 2) 89

by Wowsers (#43772783) Attached to: Mageia 3 Released

I've been a tester (and Mageia user) since before Mageia 1 was released, having decided to take the plunge in the new forked distro instead of staying with Mandriva.

I think the distro is working well especially considering it's small community. Only recent "controversial" changes have been like changing the log files from easy read text files to binary rubbish, but I think many distros are doing that now, and using the new Grub2 still needs some ironing out of small issues.

Comment: Standards (Score 1) 455

by Wowsers (#43643023) Attached to: Why Your New Car's Technology Is Four Years Old

Having standard connectors could cut costs for car manufacturers. If you've ever replaced a car radio for your own instead of cheapo car radio, you run into the problem of needing different adapters to connect into a cars wiring loom.

How difficult is it to have manufacturers use ONE connector for +ve, GND, +VCC (for memory backup), and maybe one aux wire for security. Then there's the speakers connections! The car radio manufacturers have standardised more or less, but the car manufacturers have not.

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