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Comment: Re:Computer Missues Act 1990 (Score 1) 543

by Wookact (#48225661) Attached to: FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips
No that is the point. You are trying to justify bricking the end users equipment, claiming that they know what they are doing. It is obvious that they don't know what is going on, it is just a gadget they bought off amazon. Soft bricking the device is shady and underhanded. What they should have done was pop up a message stating the device is counterfeit and asked for the user to inform them of where they got the device so FTDI could take action.

I know I would be glad to rat out the counterfeiters because I don't want counterfeit chips in my gadgets. If they were to ask me I would give them the information on where I got the gadget so FTDI could either help the manufacturer fix their supply chain, or follow it to the actual culprit.

Punishing the end user is passive aggressive. They know their gadget is broken, but not why it is broken. Frankly I hope they become the subject of a class action. They have no right to destroy hardware.

Comment: Re:Unity is rubbish. Systemd is rubbish (Score 0) 110

by Wookact (#48187221) Attached to: Ubuntu Turns 10
So what your saying is you have specialized hardware that you had issues with.

I have had no issues tethering my GS4, my only streaming issues are sites that use silverlight, and plenty of steam games for fun.

Oh and BTW it looks like your complains about the Fuji(tsu)? scanner and Wacom tablet are overblown. It looks like there is some support for both, although it is not handled by the manufacturers. Both manufacturers linked to these sites so I am assuming they should be at least partially functional.


Note: I cannot even find a Fuji scanner, so I am guessing you dont even know what hardware you are using, which might explain your difficulty in installing the hardware.

Comment: Re:Does Nigeria have subways? (Score 1) 381

by Wookact (#48159045) Attached to: How Nigeria Stopped Ebola
You are wrong. You are the one that needs to stop spreading FUD. From the CDC:

Ebola on dried on surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops can survive for several hours; however, virus in body fluids (such as blood) can survive up to several days at room temperature.

Ebola has been detected in blood and many body fluids. Body fluids include saliva, mucus, vomit, feces, sweat, tears, breast milk, urine, and semen.

Emphasis added.

Comment: Re:What a load of nonsense (Score 1) 376

by Wookact (#48154863) Attached to: Pentagon Reportedly Hushed Up Chemical Weapons Finds In Iraq
Bush claimed there were new factories manufacturing nuclear and biological weapons. These did not exist. Source: I served in Iraq, and one of my primary jobs was to search for WMD. As far as I am aware the only thing ever found was old chemical weapons from the 80s. Bush was not right. There were no new WMD factories, and there were no new nuclear or biological weapons. Either he was wrong, or he lied. That is up to the reader to decide.

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