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Comment: Resilient Homes (Score 1) 599

by Woodengineer (#28290103) Attached to: Why Isn't the US Government Funding Research?
They actually fund my research for creating homes that can survive natural (and some other) disasters. They also fund my other research on recycling wood in homes into bio-fuels. So it's out there (in fact the DOE has some pretty huge grant programs going right now). More money for the scientific community is definitely needed however.

Comment: Re:Ethanol is just stupid (Score 1) 894

by Woodengineer (#28091519) Attached to: The Great Ethanol Scam
EROEIs change every few months.. we have some graphs at the office that make fun of this fact (they are all over the place depending on who has interests in different places) When we get ligno-cellulosic production going you'll think about changing your mind. Ethanol is not scam.. it has a bright future when the technologies are there. If your experiencing engine damage it's no doubt because your engine is not designed properly to handle the ethanol. The early ford "flex fuel" vehicles, for instance, only had a sensor added to the vehicle to detect the ethanol and it simply changed ratios and timing of the gasoline engine which is a poor way of doing things. BTW corn ethanol is only like 13% of our current ethanol production and most models do not expect corn ethanol production to increase very much at all. The industry is putting it's money on switch grass and biomass waste.

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