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Comment Re:"Real names" has *always* been their policy. (Score 1) 290 290

And as far as the drag queens' complaints, Facebook does in fact 0provide mechanisms, separate from individual pages, for promoting your stage name, band, business, or whatever else you consider your brand. So that is also a stupid non-issue.

You comments do not address the issue where people's real names are flagged as fake.

It's bad enough that official organizations like the census bureau *change* reported demographics and names while doing their surveys, and other official organizations do other similar things without having particular ethnic groups getting singled out because their names are not Western European.

Please get better informed: Here are three of links to get started off with ...

Comment This is a serious issue for many Native Americans. (Score 3, Insightful) 290 290

This is a serious issue for many Native Americans and has been repeatedly "Facebooked" about over and over with little to no effect. Because many Native Americans do not have European names they get their accounts locked out. This is easily exploited by those who actively engage in harming Native Americans and others they do not like because of race.

Comment Division by zero does NOT equal zero! (Score 1) 1067 1067

Anything divided by zero is by definition infinity. Not zero. I definitely do NOT want your default anywhere near me. If you can't represent the division by zero as infinity or handle otherwise as a special case that does NOT result in any numeric value the program should CRASH or THROW AN EXCEPTION. Period.

Comment Java - Many Libraries To Source - Strong String .. (Score 1) 466 466

Java - Many Libraries To Leverage - Strong String Support - Can be compiled to Javascript (GWT) - Strong Community ... Where I work we recently have begun transitioning from PHP/Etc to Java/GWT for both web-based (GWT) and non web-based (CLI) utilties and sundries that we use "to get it done". We have found that we spend more time creating code that works and alot less time debugging type issue, undelcared variable issues, etc and the performance gain over PHP was also a nice improvement. An additional benefit is if you add GWT to the mix you get Java->Javascript compilation combined with simplified AJAX/RPC for any thing web-based you are needing to create. The Apache Commons, XOM, JSOUP, and other 3rd party packages greatly simply stuff like XHTML processing, data extraction, format conversions, looping through files, and directories, reading files line by line, etc. And for some of our more heavy data stream processing type stuff, the built in threading stuff can give a definate peformance benefit when designed for. While it is a compiled language, the development cycle for basic "get it done" stuff is extremely rapid because the applications we are creating are not large and the language is alot more flexible than basic Bash scripting, etc. Eclipse also goes along with with automatic code completion, etc, in greatly speeding things up. The core 'Java' syntax is similar enough to core 'C' syntax that you can spend your time actually learning the higher level stuff and alot less time learning where different punctuations go. A good a quick introduction to the language would be something like: "Linda Java Essential Training" - (Not saying this one is better than any other quick introductions...) Whichever language(s) you choose ... best of luck. -Mike

Comment Amazing Video - Quite to the Point (Score 5, Interesting) 144 144

I actually found this video quite informative and too the point. He definately attacks the issue head on while "sugar coating" everything in comedic form to hold attention. His approach to getting this message out in this video might be one of the most effective ways I've seen to date.

Comment Re:Free? (Score 1) 128 128

Very low margin on paper copy. I sell a book via Lulu for $9.95, I get ~ $1.13 royalty per book. I sell same book via Amazon kdp for $2.99, a $7 savings, I get $1.97 royalty per book. I usually sell more copies via kindle than by paper. DRM is *optional* as an author setting for Kindle. (I have mine turned *OFF*).

Comment Re:Make up your mind.... (Score 2) 128 128

I currently make my Cherokee Language eBook evailable for free from my main website, and 2.99 for ebook for through any distribitors with no DRM option where possible. Haven't had people send me any nasty-grams. I get decent sales are on Amazon (for my very small, and lower income overall target audience).

Comment Not it being freely available, but *licensing*? (Score 4, Informative) 242 242

Yes, I am sure it is *not* the fact that his content was free elsewhere, but more likely the weak association with the rights of the work. I have two books published in KF8 format, ( and (, both also available as free non-KF8 epub/pdf downloads, and Amazon sent me a query as to the RIGHTS as (using some automated system I presume) they detected that the content was available elsewhere for free. I responded appropriately, as the primary copyright holder, and my material has remained published accordingly. And for those worried about GPL, etc, content, as the author, you can specify NO DRM!

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