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Comment: Re:They're artificial limitations. That's the prob (Score 1) 1634

by Wobble-U (#30945910) Attached to: iPad Is a "Huge Step Backward"

I think Apple has come to the conclusion that operating systems have become incredibly complex and that the average user experience can be greatly enhanced by hiding that complexity.

I completely agree with you. As an IT Technician, I see so many users having to figure out things that they shouldn't even need to know exist, to do their work. I think the iPad software keeping it simple is a great idea, and using the app store to install apps is much easier to understand than the current methods of installation used by Mac OS X and Windows. The reason why so many people are complaining about it on /. is that they are not the intended audience.

Comment: Re:Put it on iPods (Score 1) 332

by Wobble-U (#29563553) Attached to: Apple Behind Intel's USB Competitor?
No, I very much dislike the fact that the USB plug is a rectangle, which makes me guess which way it has to go in each time. I will be happy when we get to use a plug that looks like it can only go in one way (I know you can check USB plugs visually to see how to plug them in, but it's not easy when your visibility is low, and it's still annoying)

Offline Gmail Launched 220

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the can't-believe-it-took-this-long dept.
javipas writes "Google developers have announced a new feature part of Gmail Labs that everybody was waiting to see realized. Offline Gmail will allow users to have a partial copy of its Gmail account on their PCs, and access their messages while being offline. The magic of Google Gears comes to the rescue, but the process will not be complete. The syncronization will update the online and offline copies, but Google will use an algorithm that will determine the messages downloaded on each sync (the first being the most important) based on several parameters that point out that message's relevance. This measure will save the process from downloading pieces of information not quite as valuable. US and UK English users can enjoy this feature through the Gmail Labs section."

Comment: Re:Australia, New Zealand or Ireland (Score 1) 386

by Wobble-U (#26247849) Attached to: Study Abroad For Computer Science Majors?
I think if you study in New Zealand as some sort of exchange student (not sure what they're called so exchange student will do), you pay the fees that you would normally pay to your home university. I seem to remember something about that, don't quote me on it though! Do some searching around and find out who it is that offers it.

+ - About Google Code Jam

Submitted by
_bluevincent_ writes: "I did not performed well in a Google Code Jam. Does that mean I am not a good programmer? I supposed that coding is more than solving puzzles, complicated puzzles are not everyday things I guess, and when I find a complicated puzzle or problem to solve, then I do not have much care of the time I spend coding, I just concetrate on solving the problem. So how accurate is the Google Code Jam to measure coding or programming skills? It does not measure the usage of design patterns, best practices, deep technology understanding or ability to work in large programming projects."

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