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Comment: Re:Thank God.... (Score 0) 265

by Witmar (#34941104) Attached to: Cybercriminals Shifting Focus To Non-Windows OSes
the problem is that exploiting linux doesn't require breaking a complex lock, since you can view the source code you just have to look through and find the weak spot. So it is less enjoyable for hacker, there is a certain joy we receive in making an electronic device bend to our will after hours of coding.

Comment: Free good solution (Score 1) 4

by Witmar (#32727242) Attached to: How to find Wifi interference?
go here http://www.metageek.net/support/downloads download inSSIDer then run it at the prescribed time. I would then check to see which channels are not effected and move your wifi accordingly. Also my guess is that some one may have a router with the same SSID as you they are turning or something like that. I won't necessarily tell you what is causing the problem but it should help you on your way.

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