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Comment Re:Judgement day is coming! (Score 1) 102

Glass is a solid at ambient temperatures, and does not flow at all below its melting temperature of 500-600 degrees Celsius. The idea that window panes flow downwards over centuries is a myth which has been disproved. Blown glass window panes were thicker on one edge, and were typically installed with the thick side down for stability. There were cases of panes being installed with the thick side up or sideways, thought to be through negligence.

Comment Re:Do you ever wonder... (Score 1) 158

Not only cheaper and easier, but much more practical as well. They don't give away you position from a mile away (unless startled/attacked), and they refuel with grass and water, which are much easier to come by on a mission than gasoline. This looks like just about the biggest waste of money I've ever seen.

Comment Re:non-interventionist != anti-war (Score 1) 857

You mean FDR had the audacity to sanction and cut diplomatic ties with nations both actively engaged in the savage oppression of two entire continents full of people? Have you read anything about the genocide the Germans were busy carrying out in Europe at the time? And the savage conduct of the Japanese in China, Korea and around the Pacific islands? These weren't issues that were suddenly going to be resolved around the negotiating table. The US joining the war was not an option at the time; it was a necessity.

Strangely, you then go on to argue that FDR didn't go far enough, that he should have gotten us into a war with Russia over control of Eastern Europe. Your post just makes me thankful that he was in charge at the time, rather than you.

Comment Re:WebM has critical mass (Score 1) 663

Except that Firefox, Chrome and Opera all ship with Flash, which does support h.264 playback, and so a single h.264-encoded file can be served to everyone; natively in the tag for browsers that support it, and handled by Flash by those that can't. No one is going to re-encode all their content to WebM if they can avoid it.

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