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Comment Great opportunity! (Score 1) 406 406

So Mozilla is taking its open source code down an unpopular path. Doesn't this just create a great opportunity for some enterprising developers to make a new fork for Firefox? Someone can announce a new, "Browser X". Tagline: "It's the same as Firefox, but without that DRM garbage."

Comment Re:Windows 1.0 was barely usable (Score 1) 384 384

I remember Windows 3.1. I used it once, and then never again, because it ate up too much RAM, and I was already a wiz at DOS. I've never heard of anyone actually having used an earlier version of Windows 3.1. As far as I knew, before Windows 3.1 and DOS, there was Commodore and Atari and Apple II E, and those weird looking Macintoshes, and nothing else outside of Joshua over at NORAD.

Comment Moon Landing: Special Edition (Score 1) 212 212

This new video shows the Moon Landing as the director originally wanted to portray it for American audiences, though the technology was lacking in 1969. The Special Edition of the Moon Landing includes more jawas and droids edited in to the scene seamlessly alongside Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The "One Small Step" segment now includes a dance number cut from the original release.

Comment IT (Score 2) 351 351

Hello IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? ... OK, well, the button on the side. Is it glowing? ... Yeah, you need to turn it on. Err, the button turns it on. Yeah, you do know how a button works, don't you? No, not on clothes. No, there you go, I just heard it come on. No, that's the music you hear when it comes on. No, that's the music you hear when... I'm sorry, are you from the past?

Comment Re:Huh. (Score 1) 1297 1297

No doubt the next generation will be watching Hollywood films that tell the official version of the story and how the kindly, just invaders gave Saddam a fair trial in which the evidence proved his guilt beyond doubt, and the outcome gives the beginning of a smile to a poor little girl whose family was killed by Saddam (or some other such nonsense).

Comment Re:Huh. (Score 1) 1297 1297

Mistrials? The trial was a complete mockery of justice. They put Saddam into a show trial where witnesses were hired to tell lies, his conviction was pre-determined, and he was thrown to a lynch mob. Kinda like the Nuremburg trials, actually. Oh yeah, and Iraqi people that could have shed some light on the reality of the situation were assassinated. Kinda like how General Patton was assassinated in Germany.

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