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Comment Re:Low power UV Bug zapper (Score 1) 47

used for that, you would be better off using a light behind a fan, and feed the exhaust to a old nylon sock. spray the sock with alcohol before you empty it. skeeters can't fly against a wind, so they head towards the light, and get trapped. the alcohol kills them by dehydration. This method kills a local population fairly effectively.

Comment Re:1 million dollars per family? (Score 1) 540

I live in a small town, about a hour and a half from ANY major population. I have a .2 acre lot, 2 bedroom house, full basement, 2.5 car garage 20 foot spacing between the homes. I paid $30k for the house.

My mother lives 30 minutes from Milwaukee. 1/4 the lot, 3 bedroom. Full Basement, Compact car garage, and the house sits 15 feet from a BUSY street (so not a prime location) 5 foot spacing between homes. $200k.

Location, Location, LOCATION.

Comment Re:Not incompatible (Score 1) 161

that is true now, but amazon had lots of drm in their stuff back then. the videos transcoded inside WMP and applied DRM back in, and every once in a while, i had to re-sync the license or the player would whine at me. (audio files too) Amazon has since made the (audio) less evil, but the video has become more restricted.

side note, audible (owned by amazon) links into itunes, but to watch a amazon video, you need a separate app. odd.

Comment Re:Not incompatible (Score 1) 161

I had a Creative Zen player that worked excellently with plays for sure. I had amazon linked and could play videos on it (before amazon killed local downloads for non-fire app devices). I think if creative had put more effort into their ads, they could have had the Zen line compete nicely with Ipod.

Comment Re:ObFry (Score 1) 330

for me, My laptop is 16x10, And my favorite part of it is that I get a full size key and a REAL number pad. It always annoys me that you see a wide screen laptop and a freaking huge dead-space around the (3/4 key size)keyboard! the widescreen is nice for the occasional movie, and makes side by side file manager windows less squished. but I WANT FULL SIZED KEYS

Comment Re:All software is opt-in (Score 2) 67

When you go to , it will detect your OS and provide you with a appropriate link. however, if you want the 64-bit version of Chrome, you have to click the link below the download link to manually switch it to the 64-bit. Also, very little changes to the page, so it doesn't look like it changed anything when you select it

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