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Comment: Re:Not incompatible (Score 1) 161

by Wing_Zero (#48592279) Attached to: Former iTunes Engineer Tells Court He Worked To Block Competitors

that is true now, but amazon had lots of drm in their stuff back then. the videos transcoded inside WMP and applied DRM back in, and every once in a while, i had to re-sync the license or the player would whine at me. (audio files too) Amazon has since made the (audio) less evil, but the video has become more restricted.

side note, audible (owned by amazon) links into itunes, but to watch a amazon video, you need a separate app. odd.

Comment: Re:Not incompatible (Score 1) 161

by Wing_Zero (#48590087) Attached to: Former iTunes Engineer Tells Court He Worked To Block Competitors

I had a Creative Zen player that worked excellently with plays for sure. I had amazon linked and could play videos on it (before amazon killed local downloads for non-fire app devices). I think if creative had put more effort into their ads, they could have had the Zen line compete nicely with Ipod.

Comment: Re:ObFry (Score 1) 330

by Wing_Zero (#48441221) Attached to: Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

for me, My laptop is 16x10, And my favorite part of it is that I get a full size key and a REAL number pad. It always annoys me that you see a wide screen laptop and a freaking huge dead-space around the (3/4 key size)keyboard! the widescreen is nice for the occasional movie, and makes side by side file manager windows less squished. but I WANT FULL SIZED KEYS

Comment: Re:All software is opt-in (Score 2) 67

When you go to , it will detect your OS and provide you with a appropriate link. however, if you want the 64-bit version of Chrome, you have to click the link below the download link to manually switch it to the 64-bit. Also, very little changes to the page, so it doesn't look like it changed anything when you select it

Comment: Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 58

hmmm, i may have a conversion issue somewhere, i had alot of converting from goggle's answers, but the satellite ping is straight off Wikipedia, so i won't take blame for that one ;) (I was using km as a base and used a few conversion tools online to help me) (i used 299,792,458 metres per second as my measurement)

299792.458 km/s light
40075.017 km Earth Circumference
0.1336758678565556 Seconds around earth

7.480781804783763 if you flip the numbers. my bad.

Comment: Re:Hmmm ... (Score 1) 58

The time it would take to take light to make a loop around the earth is 7.5 seconds, IF the light was strong enough to make it around the earth through a fiber cable, uninterrupted. (I couldn't find a max length of fiber, but it is used in the intercontinental network of 250,000 km, so at least that per stretch)

Satellite internet has a minimum latency of 1/4 seconds, not counting congestion.

Comment: Re:It freakin' works fine (Score 1) 928

by Wing_Zero (#48280625) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?

well, the devs at XBMC (now kodi i guess) pulled pulseaudio from the main ISO because it introduced some very annoying randomness.

I start with that, add Plex, lxde, Steam and a few emulators. up till the last two, you don't need pulse-audio. so i manually start it via terminal command, and then launch steam. well, steam audio seems flakey, sometimes works, sometimes not, i load up a emulator, and i can play for about 10-20 minutes, the audio will lock up, and i have a loud buzz of what ever sound was playing at the moment of lockup. i have to reboot to get the audio to reset. stopping pulse-audio, logging out, no good.

outside of those 2 applications, alsa-audio works flawless for me.

Comment: Re:Renewable (Score 1) 82

by Wing_Zero (#47905335) Attached to: Solar Powered Technology Enhances Oil Recovery

this is the breakdown as far as i found:

In a barrel (42gal) of crude you need to divide it into separate parts. These parts are roughly:

        Naphta and other condensates that are liquid. 2gal
        Kerosene, where most is jet-fuel 4gal
        Unleaded gasoline 20gal
        Diesel fuel and heating/furnace oil 10gal
        Engine oil .5gal
        Gear oil .5gal
        Grease .5gal
        Tar/asphalt 1gal


You know you've landed gear-up when it takes full power to taxi.