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by Wing_Zero (#47905335) Attached to: Solar Powered Technology Enhances Oil Recovery

this is the breakdown as far as i found:

In a barrel (42gal) of crude you need to divide it into separate parts. These parts are roughly:

        Naphta and other condensates that are liquid. 2gal
        Kerosene, where most is jet-fuel 4gal
        Unleaded gasoline 20gal
        Diesel fuel and heating/furnace oil 10gal
        Engine oil .5gal
        Gear oil .5gal
        Grease .5gal
        Tar/asphalt 1gal


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by Wing_Zero (#47859705) Attached to: Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?
right-click "My Computer" | properties
Click "Advanced System Settings"
Click "Advanced"
Under Performance Click "Settings"
Click "Advanced"
you will find a radio option for optimizing windows for programs or background services

as the man said, it all comes down to licensing. in the past, MS locked the number of active cpu's depending if you bought home or pro (I think XP had this, not sure)

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by Wing_Zero (#47611829) Attached to: Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company
The power grid is fairly faulty around here, we have power blips and brown-outs (black out lasting seconds) all the time. to the point of my boss installing 20 UPS all over his gas station. 1 each register, the satellite link(lottery and CC transactions), each pc in the office, and miscellaneous items that really don't like being ungracefully shut off.

at least once a year the woodland creatures stage a revolt and quick-fry themselves on tower transformers and relay stations. this year alone, 3 squirrels have taken out the county's grid. (not to mention the guy with the backhoe who ripped the wires off the pole, idiot's lucky to be alive) In previous years, we had a raccoon who decided the local power relay station would be a cool place to nest, started to renovate his new den, and took us offline for 3 days.

Now in winter, we are blessed with many feet of snowfall, and the branches push on the lines. the power companies hire tree cutting services to clear problem trees from the right of way, but sometimes a tree sags just right from the weight, and oops, there go the lights. most homes have a gas generator just for this, (I have 2 in my garage, no fun finding out one won't start when you need it)

And this is just northern WI, i imagine some areas a bit further north with a sparse population density could have it worse.

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TV Networks already double dip. they get paid for advertising, and they get paid for a cable carrier to add them to the channel list. now they have a triple dip as they ask customers to pay to gain dvr-type access straight from their web site. (which some add commercials to as well)

this kind of thing is why areo got hammered so quickly. they skipped the second dip for the TV stations. Now cable companies (falsely i hope) are saying that netflix may be in a position of getting a cut like a cable station or risk being blacklisted. (remember Dish network and FOX?)

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They have the Autobon, A speed limit free road, and they constantly reach speeds of 95+. In America meanwhile, have you ever seen a SmartCar going down the freeway? Looks odd when it weaves in and out of traffic, but it has a power/weight ratio that rivals some sedans. (made by Mercedes BTW, a European car company)

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Free, Right. I looked it up a few times, and it is anything but free. Suppose one makes $10/hour. In most rural places in the country, this is enough to rent a decent appartment, and maybe have $100/month for extras. well, Obamacare wants $90/month for that pay grade for health insurance. opt-out? $200/year penalty fee.

Sorry, not interested.

Receiving a million dollars tax free will make you feel better than being flat broke and having a stomach ache. -- Dolph Sharp, "I'm O.K., You're Not So Hot"