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Comment: Re:Usability is THE killer feature that Linux need (Score 1) 209

by Windwraith (#47649229) Attached to: Elementary OS "Freya" Beta Released

On GIMP, you don't even need that, single-window mode with panes you can arrange and stuff, a very standard look, has been there for at least two years already.
And thank god it is, everything about using GIMP is 10 times more pleasant nowadays. I wouldn't pick anything else for serious spriting. (For traditional drawing I'd rather use Krita or Mypaint, though)

Comment: (Score 1) 402

by Windwraith (#47586781) Attached to: Comparison: Linux Text Editors

I've been trying to like lately. The latest Ubuntu packages have been pretty good in terms of memory and speed compared to the initial release, and seems to be becoming more interesting.

While my editors of choice are Kate (or the embedded kate-part in Krusader, same thing), and Geany, I've been wondering if anyone else is taking a shine to Atom. Any feedback or opinions?

(Yes, I am aware that using webkit is bloated as all hell, but if it ultimately manages to put more features I like than the others, I am not having second thoughts on using it.)

Comment: Re:Nintendo... (Score 1) 203

by Windwraith (#47585759) Attached to: Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

Fire Emblem is quite competent actually, you are right. I think they are respectable, although I am personally more fond of Front Mission or Disgaea (few other SRPGs allow infinite maps AND item upgrades at the same time, that's a feature I wish more games adopted or even blatantly copied).

The thing about Bank is that, despite planning XY's release for that date, they decided to do the migration to NN immediately after the servers are going to, inevitably, take a massive increase in load. They can't do anything right related to server loads and infrastructure for online services, despite pushing for it themselves. God knows what kind of hierarchical mess they got inside to be unable to plan ahead for events they schedule themselves. I bet this is the typical scenario of division A stepping over division B instead of having a 5-minute meeting to plan things with a minimum of organization.

Comment: Solar panels (Score 4, Interesting) 238

This could be really interesting to use in thermal solar panels (in layman terms: the ones for water heating, not the ones to get electricity). If it absorbs so much light, it's probably more efficient than other materials, and surely much more than black paint. This could raise the efficiency of thermal panels to near 95%, so I hope this becomes a thing.

I wouldn't cover a car with it, though. I don't want to experience a solar oven first-hand.

Comment: Re:dont care (Score 1) 150

That's silly. If you are not from the US you are even more eligible to be a target to the NSA. They don't have to face accusations of treason if they spy on someone from another country. (not that it stops them, but makes them more entitled or something, those people is just weird like that)

Comment: Re:About effin' time (Score 1) 547

Yet you are happy to use products created by other humans. I don't believe your anti-human charade.
Remember that the only reason you are here writing against humans is because humans allowed you to do it. Since it was not your invention, I think you owe humanity an apology. Know your place.

Comment: Re:Why didn't I hear about this before? (Score 1) 143

I never heard of it either, despite all the guys trying to tear me a new one for supporting those horrible and evil propietary drivers. I even got called shill about it, just because it works for me. (...and if I was on nvidia's payroll I wouldn't be wasting my time here anyway...)

I guess they got to resort to disinformation in order to scare people away from the binary driver that works so we can all use our systems in a total "libre" fashion. I am a strong supporter of open source, I only produce open source and contribute to open source projects both with code and money. But if the open source driver is terrible, sorry, I am going to use the one that works. I am not going to suffer for someone else's cause. I am an artist, not a martyr.

I guess none of those zealots are artists nor code visual effects or games. I bet they would sing a different tune if they were.

Comment: Re:Sorry but... (Score 1) 143

Add another satisfied user of the binary drivers here.
I've been using the binary drivers since...2003 I think? I have used at least 6 different models of nvidia cards, and so does my brother. I only got ONE crash in 2004 because of a trasient bug that was fixed the next day, my brother never got any. My best friends who also use linux also have never complained about crashes.
So far it's two positive "anecdotal evidences" versus just your negative one. For a "small subset of users", we seem to be more than the opposite.

Comment: Re:That's Odd. (Score 1) 185

You can be using your CPU to decode that video perfectly fine if your video player is not set up to (or can't) decode the video through GPU. Depends a bit on player configurations, I think in VLC you have to explicitly enable it, for example.
Well, to be perfectly honest with the current generation of consumer CPUs it's not that much of an issue, so it's becoming an obsolete thing real fast even in mobile land. For the other examples a GPU is definitely much nicer though.

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