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by Windwraith (#47830147) Attached to: Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture

I didn't say "all" the tropes, I said some. It's true that some stuff like rape as a narrative device is terribly overused and ends up being a lazy course of action. I get what it tries to convey (a relatable problem that is dramatic in real life, and a way to make bad guys despicable), but it's used very often (even more in independent or derivative works) because it's an easy plot device. I think it's way lazier than sexist, though. In fact, I'd say most of those tropes are out of laziness instead of spite, to be perfectly honest with you.

I try to avoid them myself, because I think there are other things that can be used instead to achieve pretty much the same effect without being cliché about it all. Then again I also have no second thoughts on making a dark-skinned protagonist, or featuring women that are overweight in the cast, or people wearing glasses without being nerds. I just think it's more realistic to be diverse, even if your story features cyborg liches and dimensions manifesting as planet-sized mechanoids. If the game is fun and appealing, no one will care about the main guy not being ciswhitehetmale.

Anyway, I digress. And yeah, I agree. The whiteknighting has gone too far, specially when such white knights don't bother looking if they are saving a fair maiden or are being used as personal armies by some evil green witch in disguise. It's also fun how they project the sad virgin card on gamers, when they are the ones going to extremes to appeal to the girl.

Again, bunch of hypocrites in every single way.

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They were just a hint of something being wrong. The moment we saw what was really going on, they became irrelevant.

I supported Anita because I thought it was a good idea. I didn't think she'd be insulting everyone after getting the money.
It's true that some of the tropes she calls out are tired and very cliché and boring. Her methods of doing it by stealing uncredited footage from LPers are pretty bad, but the idea is good and I can still support that despite the things she's said.

Zoe, herself, is a pretty nasty piece of work. Extremely rude individual even when this topic is not being discussed. Swears like a sailor. But what damage can she cause? It was the journalists who accepted sex or a romantic affair in return to favorable coverage (which, by the way, does exist. Despite people saying the contrary, even when the articles are still present at Kotaku and other sites, they didn't even bother deleting them). She just was laking in the moral department enough to exploit that loophole. She's got a terrible personality, but she's not the one causing damage. She's just another pawn.

It's people like Ben or Nathan who are doing damage by accepting such deals and furthering agendas. If you think about it, our enemy is pretty much all "cis white males", writers and editors in chief, and PR people. What makes the playing of the misogyny card extremely hypocritical once you look into things.

Don't give Zoe any attention she doesn't deserve. She's nothing in the whole scheme of things. Another cog in the system. Besides, she will play the victim card, so insulting her is an exercise in futility.

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Well, I've been splashed by this topic personally. I've been attacked, insulted, threatened with violence (I don't mind that, though, used to it. And besides all live at the other side of the Atlantic ocean, so they can't reach me anyway), and doxxed (fortunately there's not much dirt to uncover other than my real name, which got out after years of being careful about it).

Note that this is exactly what that people is complaining about, yet they have no second thoughts on doing it themselves, even against KIDS.

My sin was posting that there should be no "elite", that any developer should be able to publish a game and profit from it, be it man, woman, gay, lesbian, trans, black, I don't care. 90% of those games WILL be crap, but I always, always encouraged people to at least try. The maker of that shitty game might learn and make a better one next time. But that's being sexist to them. Somehow.

Anyone supporting them without seeing the other side of the story is biased to a point where I'd think the person is blind, or has an agenda. Given a number of recent posts in here, I am starting to think that they simply don't care. It's all about clickbait, Slashdot doesn't care if they make things worse by publishing a biased article that only benefits a few, and already have the benefit of the press.

Many readers of Slashdot are the target of those social justice bullies, as well. The ones that they want to, in their own words, "kill". No one should stand for that.

Specially when women are being insulted by them. Making their point completely hypocritical.

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Best thing is that people fighting in favor of Social Justice doesn't care about misogyny. All the women involved only want to be rare, special snowflakes who "dared" to oppose an industry that really doesn't give a damn about the gender of a programmer. Look at the credits in multiple AAA games and you'll see plenty of women in there, who make absolutely no noise nor fight for a false cause. They are just professionals who do their job as anyone else.

They don't have a cause. All they want is to remain exclusive and unique. If they have to prevent any other women from ever being able to code a game, they will, and there's proof of it. If you aren't one of the elite, you are nothing to them, regardless of your gender, your coding ability, or your ability to put together a fun game.

Best thing is that they shit on my customers. OUR customers. We are nothing without them no matter what they say. And it's not only customers, it's also my friends, of all genders, races and sexual orientations you can think of.

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You don't get it, do you?
Zoe and Anita do not harm us in any way. People like Ben Kuchera, K.Thor Jensen and such, do.
You haven't paid attention in class. And as far as I know, Ben Kuchera is a guy, not a woman, so I am not misogynist for calling him on his insults and doxxing threats. Look them up.

Not to mention Phil Fish producing a massive internet meltdown calling everyone a rapist (including YOU) and telling aspiring developers to quit. I think Phil Fish is also not a woman. Also, he didn't do almost any work on Fez, look at the credits. He was just an idiot hogging fame from a team you'll never hear about.

I am a developer. I was attacked by the people claiming to be on my side for suggesting that bias shouldn't exist. For supporting equality. But you know what? They don't want equality. They want to be few and rare so they can maintain their "special" status.

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No. I don't know. But given the amount of clickbait and news that have nothing to do with tech or science, I don't think I'll miss it that much today.

This is a matter of principle. I can't follow a site that sides with a number of indie devs that are poisonous and harmful to me as indie dev. People who insult and doxx you, and call you misogynist bastard at best, just for saying EXACTLY what they are preaching. What makes me think they are all liars and are just in for the money.

Slashdot backing them up is proof that Slashdot has become a mere blog. It's not worth anyone's time.

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Feel free to ban me. This is the last time I post or read Slashdot. gonna delete RSS feeds, everything. I don't want to be considered a reader of this site any longer.

The funniest thing is that I got attacked by the social justice bullies for suggesting that the entire indie game culture should be open to everyone, no exceptions. Still managed to find a way to harass me on twitter.
Slashdot pandering to that audience giving only their side of the story is shameful, a terrible lack of understanding of the situation at hand, and who knows if it's an attempt to follow an agenda, now.

Byebye slashdot. It wasn't all that good, because you started to shift from technology articles to sensationalist tripe. This is the damn yellow press for geeks. And I want nothing to do with it.

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On GIMP, you don't even need that, single-window mode with panes you can arrange and stuff, a very standard look, has been there for at least two years already.
And thank god it is, everything about using GIMP is 10 times more pleasant nowadays. I wouldn't pick anything else for serious spriting. (For traditional drawing I'd rather use Krita or Mypaint, though)

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I've been trying to like lately. The latest Ubuntu packages have been pretty good in terms of memory and speed compared to the initial release, and seems to be becoming more interesting.

While my editors of choice are Kate (or the embedded kate-part in Krusader, same thing), and Geany, I've been wondering if anyone else is taking a shine to Atom. Any feedback or opinions?

(Yes, I am aware that using webkit is bloated as all hell, but if it ultimately manages to put more features I like than the others, I am not having second thoughts on using it.)

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Fire Emblem is quite competent actually, you are right. I think they are respectable, although I am personally more fond of Front Mission or Disgaea (few other SRPGs allow infinite maps AND item upgrades at the same time, that's a feature I wish more games adopted or even blatantly copied).

The thing about Bank is that, despite planning XY's release for that date, they decided to do the migration to NN immediately after the servers are going to, inevitably, take a massive increase in load. They can't do anything right related to server loads and infrastructure for online services, despite pushing for it themselves. God knows what kind of hierarchical mess they got inside to be unable to plan ahead for events they schedule themselves. I bet this is the typical scenario of division A stepping over division B instead of having a 5-minute meeting to plan things with a minimum of organization.

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