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Comment: Re:Why dont you jack wagons get permission to pain (Score 1) 126

by Windwraith (#46731933) Attached to: The Graffiti Drone

I know of a bunch of shops and bakeries that hired graffiti artists to paint something on their fence, and in all cases it was a great job. You can only see them when the shop is closed, but still. Some towns also let good stuff survive. Not all graffiti is some idiot tagging a wall.

Although, in this very specific case it's just vandalism. The drone can't even be manipulated to draw a sorry smiley face or a square or anything, it just gets the wall dirty at random. It's not even a drone given how poorly controlled it is. It's a wannabe drone.

Comment: Saw the video (Score 1) 126

by Windwraith (#46731019) Attached to: The Graffiti Drone

I expected the little widdle drone doing know, that resembled a drawing or a pattern, even if it's just a signature or a smiley face or a pattern of dots or something.

Instead the poor bugger just stumbles around with a constant stream of paint. That's not very artistic at all, it just gets the wall dirty.
The drone in the video does what any RC quadcopter would do if you attached a permanently-on paint spray to it. For someone regarded as an artist I expected something...artistic. Or at least technologically advanced or autonomous or using a complex control system, this being Slashdot and all.

Yeah naive me for expecting something else, I know, my fault entirely.

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by Windwraith (#46711743) Attached to: Do Free-To-Play Games Get a Fair Shake?

One thing most people doesn't realize is that there is a part of the developer population that is that crazy (as some put it) to code for free. Because they really want to make games. Of course 90% of everything is crap, whether it's Kongregate, Newgrounds, communities centered on pre-made engines (such as LÃve, MMF, gamemaker, Unity, etc), or just plain hobbyists with a website or github repo and nothing else. But there is good stuff out there, and shouldn't be underestimated because it's given for free.

For me, and many others, having the finished product in your hands (figuratively speaking), playing it, having others play it... is the true reward. We love games, we love making games.
You can tell a lot of people in the industry love paychecks instead of games, and that's why we have stuff like Zynga or EA at its worst.

Of course, I am not trying to say that wanting to be paid for your efforts is a bad thing, far from it! But for some people, making a game is its own reward.

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I can confirm this, and that's considering Barcelona is a hotter spot for Apple than other cities, where Apple only has a small corner in a number of shops. Their presence is growing slowly but steadily, but the market here usually prefers those local kiosks for availability and price, and they predominantly offer Android devices of most brands.
Towns and cities with Apple Stores usually have only one of it, whereas there are dozens of sellers for Android devices scattered all over, predominantly in malls as you said.

Offers are usually pretty cheap subsidized phones, and even for free with binding contracts, and they even renew your phone once every year in several cases, for minimal or no cost. However, as you probably realized, this stops being nice and shiny the moment there's any issue or nonstandard need whatsoever. Every side service, from tech support to repairs, is sub-par. Most people will go around with busted phones waiting for a renewal instead of bothering to repair it, which is notoriously complicated, requires a lot of time (and trips) and it usually ends just in replacing the thing entirely.

The prices, the complicated repairs, and the large availability kind of created a culture of changing phones very regularly, even in people with limited income. Good repair shops exist, but they tend to be little electronics workshops in some little corner that you only learn about by word of mouth, and are only used when you are attached to your device for some reason (sentimental value, niche features, etc), or when someone wants to unlock a phone to use with other provider's SIM card.

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Well most phone operators will give you deals for Android phones, not iPhones. Apple products have always been notoriously expensive for Spain. Also, Spain is quite impoverished right now, which doesn't help "luxury" things like an iPhone getting sold.

Apple Stores only started having a presence well past the iPod days, so there isn't that much of a cult following for it as in other places. Of course there are regional differences, you will see more Apple presence (and following) on Madrid and Barcelona than other places.

Also, many developers are unemployed (Spain has a ridiculous unemployment rate since the Real State Bubble popped that has been exacerbated by the latest labor reform), and can't face the yearly cost of the Apple SDK. For that reason, as well, most "cheap money-grabby apps linked to certain service, company-or-product-or-tv-show" are developed for Android in Spain, since they rely on the ease to find a Java developer desperate for a paid job and the higher amount of downloaders for that platform.

So, in short, you'd say it's local preference due to lower income reasons. Apple is trying as far as I can tell, as new iStuff tends to be available shortly after the American release, which is a rarer sight than you'd expect. I remember having issues finding any phone (vendor-locked sale or not) using Android 4.x in January of 2013, where iPhones were at their latest US release in every shop I visited.

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I think that the fact that he's actually spending money against gay marriage is what makes this so morally wrong. If he just had a silly opinion it'd be one thing, but he's actually doing something against all that people. People who don't affect him in any way. Them marrying isn't a problem for him.

In my country gay marriage is legal and has been for a few years. Despite the heated protests of the religious zealots, nothing went wrong in the country, at least nothing related to gay marriage (political corruption is another story).

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Tell me how. No matter how hard I try or how long I stay in bed, I am totally unable to sleep until 15-16 hours have elapsed after waking up. And if I manage to fall asleep, I'll be wide awake but tired as hell after 2-3 hours tops.

Sleep is not the same for every person. It varies wildly from individual to individual. That's why people always shuns sleep disorders as some form of misconduct instead of a legitimate problem (until they gain a sleep disorder themselves, if that happens they'll suddenly understand).

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I don't know. Glass used for AR games makes sense, specially if technology advances further. Occulus is VR, though...
So in one hand you got AR which is overlaying "cyberspace" into reality, and then you got VR that tries to deliver that entire "cyberspace" without accounting for your location or environment, it provides its own and that's the point. One aims to augment reality (forgive the redundancy) and the other to create one of its own.
I like both technologies, but they don't seem related at all, except in that they are used through a headmount of sorts. Very different purposes.

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The thing is that the Glass is as inconspicuous as wearing a ferret on your head. Nobody with good intentions will refuse to take it off if requested. Be suspicious of the ones being sneaky about it, not every single person interested on the product. There are actual hidden cameras you should be more wary of.
And the whole point of the post is that some people takes it irrationally, gives it properties it can't possibly have, and considers everyone interested in a HUD with a camera to be ONLY creeps, it doesn't have to be aimed at you, but you decided to take offense for it.
And yeah, it's about me, because someone with that mentality might decide I am coming for them just for using the device for entirely different reasons and try to attack me or break the device. Maybe just because they heard things about it and not having an opinion of their own.
Don't you see a problem with that?
Or maybe someone just learns I own one without seeing me having one and starts assuming I am some peeping Tom when all I am doing is use it as a toy in my own private space, only because of its reputation. You don't see a problem with that either, I assume.

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