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User Journal

Journal: My first journal entry

Journal by Wind_Walker
This is my first journal entry, and it is to protest the blatant misuse of power by the Slashdot editors. I'm sure you've all heard about this by now. More than 700 replies have been posted to this thread (including one of my own) and all of them knocked down to a (-1, Offtopic). If you assume that half of the posts are logged-in and the other half anonymous, that's 1050 moderator points devoted to moderating the responses as "Offtopic". Factor in the true moderators (i.e., those without unlimited moderator points) and you can easily reach 1500 modpoints spent on the replies.

Not to mention the more than 400 moderator points used on the original post, putting it up to +5, then down to -1 again as the Slashdot editors censor the views they don't want to see expressed.d

I'm not mad that it's being moderated, because moderation causes a lot of good on Slashdot. I'm mad because the editors are deliberately and systematically destroying that thread. Yes, the posts are not on the topic of Oracle's security. But why don't the moderators bitchslap all the other articles that have offtopic threads? The answer is because they don't want to. They want to see this post buried because it makes it quite clear that the moderators, despite all their high-and-mighty proclamations of "moderation by the users" and "freedom of speech", are censoring the site themselves.

It is likewise disgusting to think that the moderators have said nothing on the matter in public. They have not commented on their abuse of power, they have not given a reason why they feel everybody who responds to the thread is deserving of a hit to their karma, etc. etc. etc.

I have made my .sig a link to that thread, in the hopes of keeping it alive. This site disgusts me.

"I am, therefore I am." -- Akira