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Comment Re:Doesn't matter which version (Score 1) 298

The real reason is probably because they are cheaper, and because with a lot of providers you pretty much don't have a choice. My girlfriend needed a new phone. Her choices were either an iPhone (most expensive), several different android devices (from free with a contract to almost as expensive as an iPhone), or a blackberry. She didn't need a smartphone but ended up with an android (still stuck on 2.3).

Comment Re:that's what you get for breaking the law (Score 1) 465

Because I log 100% of the hands I play, and so do every pro/semi-pro players. It's then trivial to perform statistical analysis (the softwares logging the hands are made precisely for that). With thousands of players doing this, it doesn't take long until we know something is up. Most cheaters get caught. Or they aren't cheating good enough to affect our bottom line.

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