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Comment Re:10 Mbps (Score 1) 280

5Mbps is plenty for most people as long as they actually get 5Mbps all the time. The problem is that most providers only sell the maximum speed but can't provide this during peak hours. AT&T received billions of taxpayer dollars to install rural broadband but pocketed the money and only used the pre-existing DSL infrastructure instead. They upped the last mile connection to 3Mbps without upgrading the backbone so they technically achieved the required speed for the grants but only at 4am on a Wednesday with a full moon during a power outage.

Comment Re:Daredevil... (Score 2) 216

extended punchfests reminiscent of '60's Batman Pow! Blam! Zowie! kitsch

I'm glad you said this. I have actually found myself fast forwarding many shows lately while making the batman kerPOW sounds out loud. Agents of Shield is the worst about this and I'm on the verge of not watching it anymore. Comic book movies got popular again because Joss Whedon knows how to write dialog and emphasize characters. In most of his work the fight scenes are used the emphasize the emotions behind the dialog that continues throughout the scene. Other directors have misunderstood why Avengers is so popular and are just spitting out boring martial arts scenes with shallow representations of beloved characters.

Comment Re:ipfw/dummynet (Score 1) 60

This was also my first thought. However, a simpler tool is beneficial for phone app developers since many of them don't understand the technical differences between 3g/4g/satellite internet/cable/oversubscribed cable/etc. Each of these situations provides unique combinations of bandwidth, latency, and packet loss that require manual tuning from the command line in dummy net to simulate. The great majority of people, even many developers, just think in terms of "speed" and not the basic networking conditions that result in the end product of "speed". Being able to click a button for "over subscribed cable connection" is much easier for the average (below average maybe) phone app developer.

Comment Re:There are! (Score 1) 348

You're right about the fake openings but it's not a conspiracy to justify H1B's.

It's the result of government contracting rules which state that a company must have enough workforce to fulfill a contract when they submit a bid. Unfortunately, having an open position for hire counts towards this so companies have thousands of "available" jobs that are dependent upon contract award. With countless companies bidding for the same jobs using the same tactics a single government contract can generate many thousands of job openings that don't really exist and will never be filled. You could argue that these rules are a conspiracy to allow H1B's but many of those jobs aren't even available to non-citizens.

Comment Will cost FAR more for the same thing (Score 2) 448

Consider the Comcast policy for low cap internet as an excellent example. All plans are capped at 300GB. If you don't need that much you can reduce the cap to 5GB and get a massive $5 discount off the base price of the plan. However, under the reduced plan each GB over 5 costs a dollar per GB. If you get back up to 300GB that would cost you $295 for the same data that only saved you $5 when it was removed.

Savings per GB reduction $0.02
Cost per GB added $1.00

This is the actual pricing plan currently offered by Comcast so let's try substituting Channels for GB and see what that does for the price.

If this same ratio were applied to channels then you would save 2 cents for each unbundled channel you removed but have to pay a dollar for each channel you want. As with the internet plan the base price would still apply even with no channels so let's do an estimate. Let's say you pay $50 a month for 100 channels. Removing ALL of the channels at 2 cents per channel would save you $2 for a plan price of $48.

This means that for the exact same price as your bundle you can now only have 2 channels. Going back to all the channels you had in the bundle would cost you $148 for the same service you previously got for $50.

Comment Re:Short sighted (Score 1) 230

Agreed, I know that the meaning of words can change over time but this is an egregious misuse of the term "bricked". There are plenty of terms to refer to a degradation in function but "bricked" specifically refers to an unrecoverable total failure such as a corrupted BIOS or blown electronics which cannot feasibly be fixed.

Comment Re:Home storage (Score 1) 488

You're incorrectly assuming that they produce 100% of maximum capacity in the summer. They may have 38GW of capacity but they will never actually achieve full capacity. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find a chart that shows monthly production for Germany but I guarantee it's not that big a difference between winter and summer.

Comment Education still matters (Score 2) 299

Many military IT admins leave the service and attempt to find a job in the same field but they have two major hurdles.

1. The same job they were doing in the military requires a 4 year degree in the private sector.
This is an issue time and again with not having a degree. There is plenty of debate around here about whether a 4 year degree is really beneficial to everyone. However, you cannot debate the minimum requirements for a DoD contractor position. I have seen plenty of people kicked out of a job that they were good at because the requirements changed and they don't qualify for their own job. This issue is exacerbated by predatory for-profit technical colleges who are preying on those same technicians in order to claim their GI bill $$.

2. Education does matter when it comes to writing skills.
The biggest thing that is lacking for enlisted IT admins is the ability to solve problems in a new way and document the resolution. In the military everything has rules and you are not allowed to write the rules yourself. In private industry everyone is responsible for helping to write the rules for their own position and ensure that the existing processes stay updated. Prior service personnel tend to be very bad at this part of the job and require extensive training in professional writing.

Comment Re:Start menu usage dropped in lieu of what? (Score 1) 269

Classic Start Menu. I've been using it since Vista (ok 7 really because i skipped Vista). I wonder if their spyware will be able to detect usage of 3rd party replacements because Classic Start Menu is used by a great many people who believe in adding new features without giving up the old ones.

Comment Re:Good. Let's go. (Score 1) 181

Your response is entirely lacking in knee-jerk paranoid delusions and as such does not belong here.

It's obvious to everyone else on the interwebz that an evil big corporation that spends billions mining an asteroid and creating an orbital station from the materials should not be allowed to own that station because it's made up of celestial bodies that can't be owned.

Just be sure you don't eat the space corn when you take your space vacation to space Disney. The corn was grown on an asteroid so Asteroid = Corn. You ate the corn and it became part of you so Corn = You. According the the transitive property of an equality You = Corn = Asteroid so you can no longer claim ownership your own body which will be put to work serving space corndogs at space Disney.

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