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Comment: Go on, you prove he his right... (Score 1) 840

by Will47 (#31996408) Attached to: Pope Rails Against the Internet and Transparency
Astonished... to see most of the reactions, based on only one press article (they are plenty of them, on the same subject, with different points of view...), and furthermore, with such a gross and misinforming abstract... And, ah, what he did say... He was expressing worries about lack of critical spirit in digital age.... Just continue, you are just pointing that he is right on this particular subject...

Comment: Re:Cancer? (Score 3, Insightful) 103

by Will47 (#31607964) Attached to: Child Receives Trachea Grown From Own Stem Cells
Stop this BS guy... Come on, you speak of anti-abortion activists. Right, ANTI-ABORTION activists... It is not the use of stem cells they are fighting, and if you read their papers where they speak about stem cells, there is a context for it, and you know it as well... You can disagree with them as much as you want, but here, you are just distorting the truth (sure, it is an easy way to demonize and discredit them). BTW, they are sure happy with alternative paths making embryonic (and abortionist) stem cell research unneeded or useless.... It's just one of their best weapon and their best argument with indecisive people.

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