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Comment Re:Grants? That is your worry? (Score 1) 286

How exactly does one worship at a alter of state?

Are you saying the state is somehow a surrogate for a divine creature?

What is an alter of state?

Simply thinking the government can do something useful some times does not seem very equivalent to the reverence worshipers bestow on all powerful all knowing deities who created the universe or portions of it at least depending upon ones dogma.
There is a false equivalence it seems to me, but perhaps I just don't understand enough.

Comment Re:Grants? That is your worry? (Score 1) 286

So what regulations are causing the consolidation of media brands?

I have this question too and I'm not sure you were specific on regulations which have resulted in media consolidation.
It seems like the market is resulting in media consolidation.
I would be interested in a regulation that you know of which might cause media to consolidate.

Comment Re:Grants? That is your worry? (Score 1) 286

Seems plausible. Certainly Thomas Jefferson's "Freedom from Monopoly" part of the bill of rights might have come in handy for our country to keep the balance of power more toward citizens, which is what the founding fathers were attempting to do with the Constitution. Our constitution is about defining the relationship between the ordinary citizen and their government and setting up a feedback loop.

Somehow this has once more gotten a bit out of whack.
Maybe we need another constitutional convention to re-align power back to the citizens again.

Comment Re:Grants? That is your worry? (Score 1) 286

Libertarianism devolves into pure Socialism?
How so?
The philosophy and economics of Libertarianism is often rather different from pure Socialism whatever that is. So ultimately, I don't understand what you are talking about.

Neither do I understand how your synopsis of the paucity of Libertarian Academics is the result of something being proved by political scientists.
Proved? What has been proved? In my experience, very little in life is "proved", so I think I might need further elucidation as to what this proof is.

Also I don't get your absolutist statement about never seeing a Libertarian President. Perhaps you could be right that there will be no libertarian president, but perhaps not... that is why there is a future and it is not necessarily written in stone. Who knows how the future unfolds.

"any group of Libertarians only serves to divide the Democratic voting power."
The above statement could be made about any group of voters.
The more parties, candidates etc., the more diced up the voting will become.
What is your point?

"you have been swept up in a trendy movement that will have no political effect that will benefit you"

People generally have a certain political bent because they agree with the philosophy and goals of the group.
Not sure how being in a political movement has no political effect to benefit the person in the movement. The benefit is in being with a like minded group.
Also as the number of people swells, the group gains political power to enact the kinds of things which they approve of.
Small motivated groups of people often move the ball of politics.

Comment Re:Grants? That is your worry? (Score 1) 286

People certainly seem to be just cogs rather than citizens these days.
I wonder how the array of different founders of our great nation would view the amount of money in our political system.
Would they see correlations with how the aristocracy functioned? Would they be confounded?
Would they have written the constitution differently knowing how things would be turning out?

Comment Get Pennied to death.... (Score 1) 837

Toll roads are such a lame thing.
I can't stand them with all of their toll plazas that cost a bunch to build and maintain and wasted money staffing them.

Will this approach pester people also?
I wonder how penny-ing people to death will work.

A solution needs to be found to maintain good roads.... not sure this is the solution.

Comment Dilution Factor (Score 1) 1097

If there were thousands of such events that Lampooned not just Muhammed, but all religious trappings, each year.... would this sort of lunacy of attacking people over cartoons become less common?
If the scope of the event was big enough would become more of the norm throughout the world?
Seems like killing people over imagery should be what is not tolerated in a civilized world.
That sort of thing is what needs to be extincted.

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