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Comment Re:Camera companies are raking it in (Score 2) 200

Doing exactly what the article states. Cheating people from their money with questionable tickets..I believe you should be able to fight them, and either A: Get monetary damages or your attorney fee's paid by the state if you used one and you win the case..that will solve a lot of issues right there.

Comment Re:Fine ... (Score 1) 245

We arent 0-5 in wars since 1947 Actual Wars we have been in : War of 1812 Mexican-American War Civil War Spanish-American War World War I World War II Everything since World War II has been what is known as a "police action," those are: Korean Conflict Vietnam Panama Gulf War I Bosnia Afghanistan Gulf War II War has to be declared by Congress

Comment Re:What, exactly, is expected here? (Score 1) 398

Doesnt matter- Right now its about the hot teams The other team in Los Angeles, the Lakers, recently signed a 20-year TV deal with Time Warner Cable reportedly worth $3 billion, making it the NBA’s richest local television deal in sports. So let’s say the Clippers get a new TV deal worth an extra $50 million per year in revenue and sell at the same EBITDA multiple the Milwaukee Bucks did earlier this year. That would put the valuation – without any factor for growth – at $997.6 million. How most places are getting a $2 billion dollar (or more) valuation for the Clippers: they could get an equity stake in the cable channel. That would allow them to generate a revenue stream on par with what the Lakers have owning the Staples Center and what Washington Wizards’ owner Ted Leonsis has with the Verizon Center. Just like: When it is based on one team it is typically a 50/50 split,” explains Lepore. “The Mets own about 65 percent of SNY, Time Warner owns 27 percent and Comcast 8 percent. The Yankees only own 20 percent of YES where 21st Century Fox owns 80 percent of that network.”

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