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Comment: Just like to say how saddened I am by all this. (Score 0) 338

by WhiteFluffyChest (#37427662) Attached to: James Gosling Report of Reno Air Crash

Such a trajedy, I just feel so sorry for everyone there and everyone involved. It is heart breaking for me to hear of this incident. Those who died from it, may they rest in peace. My thoughts and feelings are for these poor people, may they find peace, nothing more to say.

Comment: Re:Other ways to achieve high quality apps (Score 0) 711

by WhiteFluffyChest (#31809108) Attached to: Steve Jobs Weighs In On iPhone Programming Language Mandate

True, I'm sickened by this, and I am surprised with Apple.

This news is a big step back for cross platform development.

Apple know they have a massive share of the mobile apps market at the moment, and this new plan is try and trap developers into it, discouraging them from cross platform development. There is no other reason for it. Any person with common sense, should know that.

Just because an app is written using a certain API, doesn't make it a good one. Cross platform apps can be better, it all depends on how they are written.

They should be blocking bad quality apps NOT cross platform apps!

This is simply anti-competitive tactics for vendor lock-in, disguised in bullshit excuses like multitasking and app quality concerns.

Today, I bought a new Sony Vaio and plan to sell my MacBook Pro.

My next phone will be an Android phone, not an iPhone. And I will not be getting the iPad.

Game Over Apple.

Comment: Re:The ugly truth (Score 0) 515

by WhiteFluffyChest (#30702480) Attached to: Why You Should Use OpenGL and Not DirectX

Microsoft are going to lose in the long term.

The OS is ubiquitous and Linux, which is free and open will keep gaining.

The Mac is growing stronger too.

The PS3 and Wii are doing very well and can't be crushed.

So, they can't take over the Market, eventually they will stagnate.

The iPhone has overtaken Windows Mobile, who would of thought of that in 2007 :)

Life without Microsoft :)

Comment: Re:What DirectX does that OpenGL/SDL don't (Score 0) 515

by WhiteFluffyChest (#30702202) Attached to: Why You Should Use OpenGL and Not DirectX

Ever since Vista came out OpenGL performance of desktop apps has been knackered.

100% CPU usage, no way round it. Aero did a good job at sabotaging OpenGL.

Obviously Direct3D runs fine, but who wants to jump into the Microsoft trap, so I've now switched to Macs. This was the last straw.

At least Macs do proper OpenGL, not some crippled sabbotaged version of it, on top of Aero Direct3D.

I fully respect Apple for keeping to OpenGL, because they respect the industry standards, not abuse them like Microsoft. Hell, Microsoft even abused the web standards with IE.

I just hope Microsoft digs a big hole for itself and then we don't have to bother with them anymore.

They are just a 100% BS company.

Life without Microsoft :)

Comment: Re:Status (Score 0) 515

by WhiteFluffyChest (#30702014) Attached to: Why You Should Use OpenGL and Not DirectX

I think most games are developed at a higher level using established cross platform engines.

Think about it, if every game had it's own engine, that would be too much work. Look at the Lego games, they are on nearly every platform :)

The last thing Microsoft wants is cross platform games.

If you buy games for PC or XBOX, you are feeding Microsoft's grip on the software market.

Life without Microsoft :)

Comment: Re:OpenGL and the rant about marketing (Score 0) 515

by WhiteFluffyChest (#30701684) Attached to: Why You Should Use OpenGL and Not DirectX

If you want to game on a Mac, get one and buy a few games. If more people start doing this, it will help the Mac games market improve.

If you buy anything for a Microsoft platform, you are increasing Microsoft's grip on the Market.

If you can't get your game on a Mac then try the PS3 or Wii.

Anything, but Microsoft.

Life without Microsoft please :)

Comment: OpenGL is great! (Score 0) 515

by WhiteFluffyChest (#30701544) Attached to: Why You Should Use OpenGL and Not DirectX

There are many platforms that use OpenGL, like PS3, Wii and iPhone etc, etc...

I don't know of one killer D3D app that can't be done with OpenGL, in fact OpenGL can do anything that D3D can, they are just APIs.

True, Microsoft have created a simple platform to develop on, and it is more user friendly. But it is just a developers trap.

Cross platform development can be achieved with a little more effort. And if you look round the web, I'm sure you'll find cross platform libraries for game development, both free and commercial.

For instance look at the Lego games, they are cross platform, and I am looking forward to Bioshock on the Mac. There was a time when I though that Microsoft had cornered the market, but if you have a PS3, Wii, iPhone and Mac. There is not much you can't get.

After any salary raise, you will have less money at the end of the month than you did before.