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Can Space Nerds Get Along? 161

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the one-slide-to-rule-them-all dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The Space Review asks whether space enthusiasts can ever get past the humans/robots and private/government flamewars. The article argues that space politics is a non-zero-sum game, and that space science, human spaceflight and private spaceflight can all co-exist. The debate between space and Earth is resolved in the same way: a non-zero-sum game that supports both Earth projects and space projects."

+ - Email vs Collaboration Technology in the Workplace

Submitted by jg21
jg21 (677801) writes "Is there is a fundamental difference between the art of communication and that of actual collaboration? Yes, says R. Todd Stephens in this Opinion column. Stephens contrasts the goals of Enterprise 2.0 collaboration – "a many-to-many communication medium that creates interaction" – with email – "one-to-one communication medium ... more about instruction." [From the article: 'In the coming years, collaboration will become the number one form of communication in the enterprise.']"

Run Mac OS X Apps On Linux? 497

Posted by kdawson
from the must-be-a-layer-somewhere dept.
I have the urge to commit my 24" Core 2 Duo iMac to a single Linux operating system, thus giving up the goodness of my beloved Mac OS X. I am not a stranger to Linux, but I am a stranger to running Mac apps on Linux. On my PowerPC I can use SheepShaver to run Classic apps. The Mac-on-Linux project can run OS X apps, but it requires a PowerPC, not an x86. Virtualizing and emulating are inefficient, especially given the wonderful results the WINE project has had in getting Windows apps to run on Linux. What I would like is an equivalent: a software compatibility layer that will allow Linux to run Mac OS X apps at native performance. I believe there is some additional complexity in accomplishing this. Mac OS X apps aren't just Mac OS X apps. They are Carbon. They are Cocoa. They are universal binaries. They are PPC code with Altivec. Does such a project exist yet? If not, why not?

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