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Comment Re:Does not mean they are as good as their qualifi (Score 2) 393

I don't entirely disagree. But I would tend to make this a more generic statement in that you get out of life the equivalent of what you put into it.

I personally don't place much stock in university/college degrees. I'm one of those people that bypassed that system and am quite successful by simply learning what I need to excel at my job. I've met plenty of people with masters degrees and higher that couldn't think they're way out of a wet paper bag. I've also met people with lesser or no degrees that are quite brilliant.

That's not to say that there isn't value in colleges and universities. Some people thrive in those environments and learn very well in those environments. Others learn in much different ways. A degree alone is no measure of a persons aptitude.

Comment Re:Why would I use it? (Score 1) 631

Hmm... I was going to dispute the surcharge bit. But, apparently you're right. I swear I just looked that up within the last year and it was still prohibited. They only allowed a discount for cash transactions (which is why so many gas stations have a different price for cash). But, I see something has happened and at least Visa now allows surcharges in the US, Australia and New Zealand. I'm curious about what forced their hand on that one.

Comment Re:a couple of things... (Score 1) 406

Not really. There is nothing really said in that speech that tells people not to do stupid things like inflating their vest at the wrong time. The point is that, suing the FAA for not requiring people to listen is pretty silly, as well. The large majority of those that aren't going to listen have already heard many times over. Those that have never flown and don't listen probably aren't bright enough to not do stupid things.

Comment Re:The USA (Score 1) 182

I fail to see how we're "very close to a large percentage" being able to do this. Sounds plausible on the surface. But I still see a huge amount of infrastructure that needs to be put in place. It's not like it's good enough to just have a power outlet somewhere in the building that you can use. Number one, a parking garage would basically need a receptacle at every parking space. Along with a system for charging the person recharging their vehicle. Energy is not free.

That being said, are these difficult obstacles to overcome? No. But it's still a lot of infrastructure somebody needs to invest in before it becomes a plausible solution.

Comment Poor experience for those that do have kinect (Score 5, Insightful) 174

Doesn't that then lead to a bad situation for kinect users? If you design a game that relies on that overhead, then those that don't have it will have a poor experience. Granted, you can probably just disconnect the kinect and be just fine. Be all know what the general masses will do. Complain.

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