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Submission + - GroundWork Monitor User Survey (

SF:amy writes: Have you downloaded GroundWork Monitor Community Edition? If so, we\'d like to know how it went for you. Telling us about how far along you got in the process, what you think of GroundWork Monitor so far, and why you are using it is extremely valuable to us; so valuable that for completing the survey, we will reward you with $49 in free training! Completing the survey should only take about ten minutes. It can be found at Once you complete it, we\'ll send you a gift certificate worth $49 to attend an upcoming \"Introduction to GroundWork Monitor\" online training session. We will also aggregate your data with others who participate in the survey and do high–level quarterly analysis. This report will be sent to you, as it will share the high level monitoring trends for GroundWork, which would be a good comparison guide for you. Thanks for downloading GroundWork Monitor Community Edition, and we look forward to your survey participation.

Comment Price Comparison of GroundWork over Open View (Score 1) 348

The question of comparing an open source solution to a big expensive app like Open View came up not too long ago when GroundWork published their cost comparison of GW Monitor vs HP Open View. Over three years, GroundWork Monitor was 82% less expensive than Open View. GroundWork is about $54/node and Open View is about $295. You can download the PDF here:

This study caught the attention of Matt Assay on cnet when HP had a fit about their pricing being exposed.

You probably saw it on slashdot right after Thanksgiving.

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