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+ - Ticket To Ride Board Game Championship marred by Cheating Scandal->

Submitted by WebGangsta
WebGangsta (717475) writes "Cheating in board games isn't isolated to your kitchen table where you caught Dad sneaking an extra $500 out of the Monopoly bank.

At the international TICKET TO RIDE championship near Paris, France — Erwin Pauelson from the Netherlands was caught cheating by fans watching the match online. He did the honorable thing, and resigned his title as 2014 Ticket to Ride World Champion."

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+ - Cyber Gang Steals 1.2 Billion Web Credentials->

Submitted by dinscott
dinscott (1951608) writes "A Russia-based cyber criminal group has managed to accumulate 1.2 billion unique online login credentials by compromising databases of over hundreds of thousands websites and FTP locations. The entire collection is even bigger — 4.5 billion compromised records — but many of them overlapped. Nevertheless, this is considered to be the biggest haul of login credentials ever made by criminals. "4.5 billion credentials seems like an impossible number, but just think of how many sites require you to register your e-mail address and, let’s face it, almost everyone re-uses their passwords," researchers from Wisconsin-based Hold Security pointed out."
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Comment: Re:Missing Innovation (Score 2) 178

by WebGangsta (#44038913) Attached to: TiVo Series 5 Coming This Fall
Someone will correct me if I'm wrong (and that's okay with me, making the world a better place)... but TiVo currently does do a search through various databases as opposed to only looking at current broadcast options, and I believe the recently announced but not yet rolled out Comcast X2 does the same thing. http://www.boston.com/business/technology/2013/06/11/comcast-new-platform-saves-shows-online/dQ5HkfFJ39IlkrMUBhZ1FO/story.html

So yeah, this suggestion is already being done or in various stages of implementation by TiVo and others.

+ - TiVo Series 5 coming this fall->

Submitted by WebGangsta
WebGangsta (717475) writes "The rumor mill continues to grow closer and closer to reality, as The Verge is reporting the upcoming SERIES 5 TiVo will have 6 tuners, support OTA recording (an old TiVo feature being brought back), storage beyond the 2TB limit, and more.

While some would say that TiVo today is nothing more than a Patent Holder (albeit a successful one), there's still a market for a cable box that doubles as a streaming player. Is hardware the future of TiVo, or should they go and just license their software to all? And don't get us started on those "TiVo Buying Hulu" or "Apple/Google buying TiVo" rumors... that's a different Slashdot story for a different day,."

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Comment: Re:Don't write off Heinlein so soon (Score 1) 1419

by WebGangsta (#24115277) Attached to: Sci-Fi Books For Pre-Teens?
Heinlein's WALDO / MAGIC INC are good introductions to his work as well. I like GLORY ROAD, but I recall there may be a scene or two that are mildly inappropriate for a younger set.

Regardless, any of his "pulp fiction" early works should be fine... plus, it allows the reader to read the Future History storylines in order without realizing it so when the reader graduates to Time Enough For Love etc etc, everything should magically fall into place on the big global plotline.

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