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Comment: Forget "math" -- how about arithmetic (Score 2, Interesting) 3

by WayPastTense (#34080058) Attached to: How Much Math Do We Really Need?
Forget about "math," as in higher mathematics. In the US, our problem is with basic arithmetic. In our company, we've hired seemingly intelligent adults who, we later discovered, did not know how to operate a pocket calculator. Many of us don't really know exactly what the word "percent" means. Don't believe me? Next time you're in a store, ask the clerk what 4% of 90 is. The odds are that the person who's handling your hard-earned cash won't have the mental agility to solve that challenge. Our company now starts every job interview with a simple arithmetic -- not math -- test. Most of our applicants fail.

In any formula, constants (especially those obtained from handbooks) are to be treated as variables.