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Comment: Will it get stuck? (Score 5, Funny) 210

by WaterDamage (#43156387) Attached to: High Tech Vending Machines Transform IT Support At Facebook
Great, I guess the keyboard or whatever shitty peripheral will get stuck and then after beating and shaking the vending machine for 10 fucking minutes you'll end-up calling help-desk to complain that you swiped and you never got your item so they'll send out an vending service guy and spend $400/hr to fix the fucking crappy vending machine rather keep a stack of $2 dollar keyboards in a closet next to the receptionist or secretary. Then again It's Facebook, so I guess their developers/admins must jiz a lot all over their keyboards while they porn surf through user profiles of hot bitches.

Comment: Fukushima needs this too (Score 1) 48

by WaterDamage (#39142997) Attached to: Remote-Controlled Planes Used For Wildlife Conservation
This kind of setup would be perfect for the Fukushima nuclear disaster. If the radiation isn't going to interfere with the electronics then this could be used to fly over the reactors that are unapproachable or even view-able by humans due to the extremely high concentrations of radioactivity.

Comment: It's all about the money. (Score 2) 375

by WaterDamage (#39055397) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Tech Manufacturers With Better Labor Practices?
Money talks, and we're all guilty in this rat race to the bottom for the lowest cost. When robotics and automation get good enough, even Foxconn exploited workers will be out of work. We're in the middle of a transition to full or almost fully robotic manufacturing, give it a few years, no one will have a job expect robot builders and service men to maintain them.

Comment: Why not sue Monsanto in small claims court? (Score 1) 617

by WaterDamage (#39055303) Attached to: 300k Organic Farmers To Sue Monsanto For Seed Patent Claims
I recently read how a California woman successfully sued Honda in small claims court without the need to spend any money on lawyers. Actually, lawyers aren't permitted in small claims court so Organic farmers could sue Monsanto for practically nothing and Monsanto would not be allowed to send in their lawyers to defend them.

Comment: Totally incorrect... (Score 1) 289

by WaterDamage (#37847696) Attached to: Your Tech Skills Have a Two Year Half-Life
I can play pong just as well as I did in 1984! I took my Atari 2600 out of the basement, fired it up and hit an all time high score again. Time to hit the Wall Street Occupy protest to complain about evil CIOs and how their greed is destroying my reputation as a highly qualified gamer from the past.

Comment: Re:Stop paying by the hour (Score 1) 990

by WaterDamage (#37835616) Attached to: The Real Job Threat
Well, you've answered your own question. Low productivity = low hourly rate (ie minimum wage or lower)...High productivity = high hourly rate. Same difference a far as I'm concerned so it makes no difference as to whether you get paid hourly or on a project basis. No matter how you slice the big picture it equates to the same results.

Comment: Not so fast.... (Score 1) 990

by WaterDamage (#37835024) Attached to: The Real Job Threat
While possibly true that the human race may live like the Jetsons one day...the biggest issue today and for the next foreseeable decade or more is still outsourcing and loss of employment to cheaper countries. Once true globalization equalizes itself then and only then will innovation/technology truly start outsourcing jobs from humans. Again this will probably never happen in our lifetime or gen Y generations lifetime. I'm more worried about getting outsourced by big corporations due to H1B Indians taking my job than Mr Robato.

You know, the difference between this company and the Titanic is that the Titanic had paying customers.