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Comment Re:recycled pc (Score 1) 236

I use a half-a-year old extremely low power PC build for this purpose. Instead of being a media server, it is directly connected to the television and runs XFCE. It also acts as a fileserver, sometimes as a game server and hosts my and my friends shells etc.
I watch my media with mplayer, because VLC is so much worse.

I can't understand how anyone can live without a device like this.

Comment Re:Stream 11 (Score 1) 508

What if you used a Raspberry Pi or some other cheap thing and got the mouse/keyboard/monitor from the salvation army? The total prize would not be much more than for the Pi and you wouldn't need to worry about getting defective stuff (if you did, you'd notice it right away).
Some of the students would probably be bribed (with extra credit) to set up systems like this.

And yes, this wouldn't be a laptop or a tablet, but no-one can get work done on a tablet anyway.

Comment Directory Opus (Score 1) 889

Directory Opus (
Nothing on Windows or Linux comes close to this in ease of use and power of this program. Basically DOpus has good UI-level tools for the stuff you typically need to use bash scripts to do (complex rename or move, duplicate finding and syncing directories, etc).
In addition it's the only file manager replacement with an FTP/SFTP feature that actually works.

Comment Re:The simple Economics of it all: (Score 1) 185

What I find interesting is that if only about 7 transactions per second are possible, Bitcoin is by design invalid for the very purposes people are aggressively trying to adopt it. You can never pay with bitcoin on a convenience store and you can never use it to exchange trivial things, as even the slightest hint of acceptance for this kind of business would immediately saturate the network - small towns process much more transactions per second than this, let alone the whole world.

Also, if I read that right, doesn't that process imply that the blockchain increases in size by 6 MB every hour? Won't it mean that the size of the chain will be completely unwieldy in the future?

Comment Re:none cipher? (Score 1) 75

An old NAS I have at home is only capable of transferring about one Mb/s through ssh (with modern linux machines). That is slow enough that transferring anything semi-large may take a day or so. Not unbearable, but still a bit too slow.

I have to admit that I haven't really looked into using alternative ciphers beyond the default one, but considering that that NAS is completely inside a LAN, having a 'none' cipher for occassional large transfers wouldn't hurt.

Comment A bit disappointed (Score 1) 104

This seemed cooler than it actually is, as practically everything the program generates is completely nonsensical. As such, the end result does not seem special compared to everything else "AI's" have supposedly created in the past.
Hopefully the randomness hits home a couple of times and gives someone actually useful ideas.

Comment Re:"Drama of mental illness" (Score 1) 353

I've always felt that complaining how "X was cool in the past, but now they say that X is out/dangerous/harmful" is a bit of an argumentation error. The people who embraced the technology 15 years ago are not the same people who are complaining about it now. They were probably complaining about some other technological advancement then.

You can't hold the society in general accountable for the contradictory actions of its members.

Comment Re:propagation delay (Score 1) 720

I was thinking about it too. As long as the signal is strong enough to come through to the monitor, long cables should not induce any lag whatsoever. Propagation delay in the cables should be in the order of tens of nanoseconds, if I count this right. Also, because of digital transfer with modern monitors, even the image quality should not suffer.

Would the original poster care to elaborate on this.

Comment Re: Uber is quite retarded (Score 2) 341

I actually think that the reality is more zero-sum here. People already must use transport and do so every day, so bringing an option into the market does not magically produce more consumers for it.

The regulated and licensed drivers are not unaffected by the business Uber takes away from them, which may either force them to raise prizes, lower quality or go out of business. All of these options will lower the quality of service for the person you are replying to, so for him/her, it is a rational option to oppose this change.

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