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Comment Delvil is in the detais (Score 2) 235 235

How much of that energy efficiency is negated by having to power the "always-on" circuitry in order to respond to the WiFi signals? One of the appeal of highly efficient LED bulbs is the savings gained due to the fact that they use far less energy when they are on compared to other bulbs. Products such as the Phillips Hue, may use almost as much energy when they are "off" just so they can respond to a WiFi signal from my smart phone. I couldn't find out from their website just how much power is drawn from the Philips Hue when they are "off". The total cost of ownership will need to include not only how power is used to illuminate the bulb for 3 to 5 hours a night but also how much is used when they are in stand-by the rest of the day.

Comment He got some things right (Score 1) 562 562

Because people 'feel entitled' to have what they want when they want it, and if they can't get it for free, 'they'll steal it.' It's become customary to expect a somewhat limited perspective on things from old-world entertainment companies

While I don't necessarily agree with his conclusion that nothing good has come from the internet, I agree with this statement 100%. A lot of people do feel entitled to take whatever they want when it comes to digital content on the internet. Of course there is good on the Internet, but the selfishness and lack of ethics in society that manifests itself on the Internet is a very real and undeniable evil. It is that which sometimes gives the Internet a bad reputation among some industries.

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