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by Wagoo (#39582113) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: It's World Backup Day; How Do You Back Up?

It takes about 20 hours for the machine to rebuild the whole array, this is with WD/Seagate "green" (ie ~5400rpm) drives. Sadly you can't enable TLER on these newer ones. I was planning on growing the raid 6 to 15 drives.. but I may end up making another 10 drive array instead and retiring the raid 5.

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rsnapshot seems to work pretty well for incremental rsync'd backups for me. It uses symlinks to maintain the older snapshots, to save on total filesystem usage. It can do rsync over ssh for backing up remote servers/pushing local vital data to a safe remote location.

Local backup server uses Linux software RAID for good measure (5x1TB RAID 5 + 10x2TB RAID 6).

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You should check out the Norco cases. They're 4U rackmount units with 24 hot-swap HDD bays, designed to fit regular ATX motherboards. Very cheap for what you get (also include a ton of fans). The build quality is not spectacular, but for a home system where you're not doing a whole lot of swapping they're great.

^^ This. Having hotswap also makes a big difference when you start having lots of drives. I'm still using a Norco RPC-4020 from about 3 years ago, 20x hotswap bays.. with the backplane mounted (8cm) fans running at 5V. Makes it acceptably quiet.. a lot of the server grade hardware will be set to tornado mode by default, as who cares about noise in a datacentre.

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No problem! EMP induced forced epileptic fits as they pass through the exit gate, to wipe their short term memories!

In all seriousness: you got a real sense of the fun that was had on set by watching the Smeg Ups/Smeg Outs out-take videos. I'm sure studio audiences had things like mailing lists and cameras back in the 90s, but they also had respect enough not to spoil their fellow dwarfers constantly.

PS: Rimmer is Lister's father!!!!!11

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