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Comment Re:Now we need a NoHTML5Media plugin (Score 1) 201

As long as the ad companies insist on having the ads hosted on [i]their[/i] servers, this won't happen. Nobody trusts ad companies, but ad companies don't trust their partners to display ads and collect statistics accurately. As long as the splices and scripts come from 3rd-party servers, it should always be possible to block them.

What concerns me more is the increasing trend of blocking content if the ad servers don't return a confirmation. More and more often, I'm seeing pleas from web sites for me to stop blocking their ads, so they can definitely detect that the ads are being blocked.

Comment Re:Right ... (Score 1) 117

Is there a particular reason they need to push an OS update that breaks shit, especially seeing how the Shield is still a relatively new product?

It's kind of like Windows 10 being released and people find half of the games released last year don't work. Clearly, there's something wrong with that update, and architectural failings need to be criticized. The Android OS really should be mature at this point.

I'm getting sick of this. There was a time where things would work for 5-10 years with only occasional glitches. Now any update breaks stuff that's only 6 months old.

Comment Re:Yes I'm old.. (Score 1) 267

It might not fit your fancy, and that's perfectly fine. But others prefer that the UI get out of the way instead of always being in your face... evidently they won, this time.

Use a bigger screen or put all the annoying stuff on a toolbar and close it. A UI that takes up a lot of screen space might be a problem, but if a UI is a major distraction, perhaps some people have an aesthetic OCD they need to address.

Say what you will, but I'm really sick to death of every desktop turning into a smartphone... by force. I want menus and buttons. So sue me.

Comment Obligatory Devil's Advocate (Score 4, Interesting) 283

Replace the word "Flash" with any other plugin or technology that geeks don't like. Will it still be okay if we go out of our way to kill it and make sure nobody can use it? Replace "Adobe" with "Free Software Foundation". Is that better? How about we talk about the Unity3D plugin? That's a plugin, too, just like Adobe PDF and Java, so that means it's bad. It's easy to pick on Flash and I can't say I really like the plugin, but when organizations with a large amount of industry influence start talking about killbits, that makes me really nervous.

I'd have no problem with Facebook urging other web sites to stop using Flash, especially if they're willing to support development of an alternative. When they talk about actively killing things for the good of the community, that's going too far. This starts leaning to the direction that it's okay to execute prisoners because nobody likes them.

Sometimes I'm really disturbed by the will of the community. I'm already pissed enough that I can't run certain Java applets anymore because the great Oracle says I'd hurt myself if I tried. Heaven forbid they give me a warning and I make up my own mind. As for grandma's computer, I could just configure the web browser to not use Java or install any other plugin.

Comment Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 1) 302

IMO, touch has nothing to do with it. It's just fashion. Given another 5-10 years, flat will be passé, and colors, gradients, and actual useful features will return.

My biggest surprise is that all of the control panels have been redesigned to look like "apps", and by association, about 90% of the options are now gone (unless you resort to a command prompt or the registry). Oh yeah, and it's unstable as all hell -- when Edge crashes, it closes all tabs and windows at once, and dumps you to the desktop with no error messages at all.

Fuck 10. I'll wait to see how they turn it up to 11.

Comment Decline of oekaki, too (Score 2) 175

Pixel art in games has always been pretty well respected, even before retro became a thing. What's really surprised me has been the decline of pixel art in general outside of gaming.

I've been a long-time fanatic over oekaki art, which is essentially pixel art drawn directly on the web using Java applets or (rarely) Flash. The impromptu nature of the medium means most art will be done in 5-30 minutes, and the applets generally don't allow you to import a canvas, so the art is done from scratch and is all your own work. The communities are fairly small, dedicated, and consist mostly of artists. The most popular Java applets favor the pencil tool over airbrushes, an intentionally limited palette, and have special masking and dithering tools which results in most oekakis having a distinctive look. It's wicked fun, and much more creative and engaging than boards like 4chan.

Oekaki boards are generally hosted as standalone web sites. Since the rise of social networks, oekaki has all but disappeared, both the BBSes and the artwork style. The Java applets rarely work these days due to everyone's (and Oracle's) hateboner over applets, so there's really no way to draw online anymore.

What I find most interesting, though, is that everyone trying to write an HTML5-based paint program these days is trying to make a full-fledged painting application, complete with airbrush tools, transparent layers, and sometimes even trying to integrate complex features like the magic wand (and very badly). Performance and drawing lag is horrible. Why are there no pixel art or oekaki HTML5 apps? Pixel art is wicked fast with HTML5 canvas, so a good pixel art application would be ideal, but apparently nobody has an interest in doing this when they can write a bad Photoshop clone nobody wants. Even DeviantArt, which has a drawing app called Muro, has written their crappy paint app with an airbrush tool, and it's impossible to make even good art with that app, let alone pixel art.

It's getting increasingly difficult to keep my BBS alive due to the death of Java on the web. I may have to hire someone to write an HTML5 program for me.

Comment Re:AdBlock Edge. uBlock. AdBlock Latitude. (Score 1) 286

Firefox has been rock solid stable for me for years, and I also questioned why people were complaining so much about stability.

That changed in (if I remember correctly) version 33 on Windows. I've had nothing but problems with it ever since, regardless of which plugins or extensions are installed. In particular, I've noticed that if the browser is open overnight, opening any menu will cause an instant crash. Frequently, right-clicks that bring up a context menu will also cause a crash, but only if the browser has been open for a while.

I have multiple installs of the browser for development purposes, including a "stock" profile with no plugins or extensions installed. I'm pretty sure the crashing is not because I'm holding it wrong.

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